Disturbing and powerful at Beeld: SA daily front pages, Fri 2013-01-25

What an extraordinary splash Beeld has today – told with powerful, incredibly disturbing stills from a security video.

Sometimes one has to challenge the readers and the distress on the little boy’s face really drives home why adults needs to be more careful about what they say and do around children (the boy’s father is being handled very roughly by a cop on the side of the road – read the full story here).

It gets us thinking about people abusing their positions of authority, about  police brutality that continues to rear its ugly head and to ask: Just who are the adults and who are the children around here? Well done, guys, and to Volksblad for yet another lovely front page pic!

Otherwise we have the same story playing at sister Indie papers – The Star, The Mercury and the Pretoria News – and The Times.

And, nein, the Daily Dispatch is not leading on a German story. The “Berlin” in the “Toxic threat to Berlin” headline is part of the greater East London-King William’s Town-Bhisho triangle.