Revealed! The REAL beef dietitians have with Tim Noakes and Banting

It promises to be a revelation and not just about nutrition science. The Health Profession’s Council of South Africa’s hearing against world-renowned Cape Town scientist Prof Tim Noakes begins on November 23, on behalf of the Association for Dietetics in SA (ADSA). Noakes, who is also a medical doctor, is facing a charge of unprofessional conduct for giving “unconventional advice” on breastfeeding over a social network. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s really behind this peculiar case, and why dietitians are so threatened by him and Banting, as low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets are also known.

By Marika Sboros

Tim Noakes
Prof Tim Noakes. Picture courtesy of The Noakes Foundation

It’s hard, but not impossible, to get to the real meat of this matter. And to know what the real beef is that former president of the Association for Dietetics in South (ADSA) Claire Strydom has with Cape Town University emeritus professor Tim Noakes.

And why the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) is so enthusiastically marinading that meat on Strydom’s behalf.

The council is legally obliged at least to show a semblance of impartiality when conducting inquiries into the conduct of health professionals. Yet it is enthusiastically, if not particularly quickly, pursuing two charges of unprofessional conduct against Noakes, a medical doctor and internationally renowned, award-winning scientist.

Both charges are by ADSA dietitians; both appear frivolous in the extreme to experts internationally.

Of course, not all experts agree the charges are frivolous. The council has mustered expert witnesses for the first hearing against Noakes in Cape Town on Monday, November 23, 2015.

ADSA president Claire Julsing Strydom
Former ADSA president Claire Strydom

One problem with determining the real agendas here is that Strydom and the HPCSA act so dumb. Both have stonewalled most of my questions, staying silent, claiming the matter is sub judice. It isn’t since the council is not a court of law.

Strydom first set this very odd ball rolling in February 2014 by reporting Noakes to the council for a single tweet saying good first foods for infant weaning are low-carb, high-fat (LCHF, aka Banting) foods.

If you know anything at all about LCHF or Banting, you know that means meat and veg.

The council says that means unprofessional conduct for giving “unconventional advice on breastfeeding over a social network”.

Ironically, both ADSA and Strydom now give the same advice, a fact that has escaped the attention of the HPCSA as well as the ADSA dietitians serving on the council’s Professional Dietetics and Nutrition Board.

The HPCSA and its Board also appear not to have noticed that Strydom hasn’t reported any of the other doctors and dietitians in SA who now support LCHF on and off social media. Just Noakes.

The charge of unprofessional conduct has puzzled me from the start. It seemed somewhat hyperbolic, as if the HPCSA were filled with instant resolve to find Noakes guilty. After all, it usually reserves unprofessional conduct for doctors who do really bad things – like injuring or maiming patients for life, sticking hands up their skirts, or in the case of apartheid doctor Wouter Basson, murdering them with chemical poisons on the whim of the ruling party.

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Both Strydom and the HPCSA insist they are not deliberately targeting Noakes, although  he has been on ADSA’s radar for some time.

In July 2014, ADSA dietitian Catherine Pereira, now an executive member, reported Noakes to the HPCSA for a quote in the Sunday Times saying “So who is standing up for the poor? Show me the dietician who is saying they shouldn’t be eating chips and Coke and let’s do something about it? No one.”

Catherine Pereira
ADSA executive member Catherine ‘Katie’ Pereira

The HPCSA immediately accepted Pereira’s complaint, citing Ethical Rule 12 that its members should “not cast reflections on the probity, professional reputation or skill of another person registered under the Act or any other Health Act”.

Quite how Noakes contravened that rule without mentioning any dietitian by name is unclear and the HPCSA is unwilling to clarify.

The HPCSA also appears oblivious to the many libelous statements dietitians and doctors have made against Noakes by name in public, which he hasn’t reported.

If the HPCSA did even cursory investigation of Pereira’s charge, it might have noticed a distinct reluctance among most dietitians, especially those linked to food companies and the sugar industry, to discourage people actively from ever consuming sugary products, including Coke and chips.

In my own experience of dietitians over more than 30 years, I’ve never met one who says that people – rich or poor – should never drink Coke or eat chips. They just trot out platitudes about “moderate” junk-food consumption and “balanced diets”.

The HPCSA made a “preliminary finding” on Pereira’s charge in August 2015 without Noakes being present, finding him guilty of unprofessional conduct by committing a “minor transgression”.

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The council informed Noakes and Pereira, saying the matter was resolved – unless he chose not to accept the finding within 14 days. Presumably, the HPCSA wasn’t too surprised when Noakes did just that: refused in writing what in effect was the finding of a kangaroo court.

The council quickly made it clear in writing to Noakes that it will pursue the charge. It has refused to combine the two charges for the November 23 hearing, saying it needed time to find expert witnesses. Again, the hyperbolic over-reaction could seem comical, were it not meant so seriously.

The council hasn’t informed Pereira, who tells me she considers the matter “resolved”. She had been in email correspondence with Noakes, and says she does “not intend to pursue (it) further”.

It will be fascinating to see if the HPCSA pursues the charge, as it would then have to subpoena Pereira. That could look as if the council were indeed conducting a vendetta against Noakes as has been suggested.

Of course this may not be evidence of vendetta, just of more glaring incompetence that the ministerial task team investigating the HPCSA since March has identified in a damning report.

The team found that three of the council’s executives, including the GM of legal services, are “unfit to hold office”. It also found that there are more lawyers working for the HPCSA than doctors, and that hearings are becoming increasingly adversarial, not unbiased inquiries aimed at resolving disputes between two parties.

So far, the November 23 hearing against Noakes bears all the hallmarks of adversarial hearings favouring one party only, and it certainly isn’t Noakes.

It’s not really surprising then that Strydom, ADSA and the HPCSA have resorted to semantic gymnastics when asked for explanations about why they are targeting this internationally renowned scientist.

Strydom laid the complaint first in her personal capacity but later told me she would “prefer” I say she laid it as ADSA president. Any attempt to get clarification on her curious use of the verb “prefer” was stonewalled.

The council insists, somewhat anthropomorphically, that ADSA is the complainant, not Strydom.

It’s also difficult to determine the extent of ADSA executives’ support for and involvement in Strydom’s actions against Noakes.

ADSA president Maryke Gallagher

ADSA’s new president Maryke Gallagher told me via email that she and other executives signed a letter in 2015 acknowledging that Strydom as president had “a right to file any query on behalf of ADSA”. Curiously, the letter makes no mention of Noakes.

Gallagher also said that ADSA now “acknowledges the appropriate use of low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets under specific circumstances or for specific medical conditions and under supervision of an appropriate health professional”.

There have been questions around undue influence of ADSA dietitians on the HPCSA’s Professional Dietetics and Nutrition Board.

According to Gallagher, Strydom informed her that she consulted the Professional Dietetics and Nutrition Board before reporting Noakes to the council. One would have expected the council to deal harshly with those board’s members, as they should have recused themselves.

However, as the ministerial task team has identified, the council is in disarray, which presumably makes internal ethics and professional conduct not the council’s highest priorities.

Pereira has said she consulted “ADSA management” before reporting Noakes, but wouldn’t say whether this was Strydom.

The HPCSA has also tried hard – and failed miserably thanks to Noakes’ legal team who are acting pro bono, so strongly do they believe he is being unjustly treated – to load the panel hearing the charge against him with dietitians, in contravention of statutory regulations.

A week before the shambolic June hearing, for example, the council informed Noakes’ lawyers that North West University dietetics professor Edelweiss Wentzel-Viljoen, chair of its Professional Board for Dietetics and Nutrition, was on the panel.

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Wentzel-Viljoen is on public record in 2012 saying that LCHF diets are controversial, unhealthy, dangerous and would have “severe health consequences for those who follow them long term”. Where she gets the science to prove that is anyone’s guess, as is quite how the council imagined she qualified as any kind of legal or impartial panel member

Wentzel-Viljoen initially resisted polite requests from Noakes’ lawyers to recuse herself, but later saw the light.

Undeterred, the HPCSA inserted another former chair of its Professional Board for Dietetics and Nutrition – Stellenbosch University Associate Professor in Therapeutic Nutrition Prof Renée Blaauw – onto the panel.

Tim Noakes
Prof Tim Noakes with his legal team at the first HPCSA hearing in June 2015

Noakes’ legal team objected and Blaauw was soon history.

With expert guidance from Noakes’ lawyers, the council has managed to constitute the panel properly for the November 23 hearing.

When it comes to Strydom’s motivation, it can look like she is using ADSA to muzzle Noakes because he is affecting her and other dietitians’ business.

Or it could just be that she, ADSA and the HPCSA are proxies – witting or unwitting – for powerful vested interests that Noakes threatens. Among these are Big Food (especially the sugar industry), Big Pharma (especially drugs companies making billions from cholesterol-lowering drugs), medical doctors (especially cardiologists and endocrinologists wedded to the discredited diet-heart hypothesis) and medical and dietetic academics (who are increasingly seen as scientific dinosaurs for clinging to dogma).

All demonstrate varying levels of opposition and not just anger – but often incandescent rage – at Noakes for his views, despite the growing science showing that an LCHF diet safely and effectively treats obesity, diabetes and heart disease, to name but a few advantages for people of all ages.

In an earlier post, I made the point that Noakes could have made this all go away simply by deregistering as a medical doctor, thus removing the HPCSA’s jurisdiction over him. Noakes has explained in his own words, in another post on BizNews why he chooses to go ahead with this “trial”.

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Cape Town attorney Adam Pike who heads Noakes’ legal team says they don’t believe Strydom’s charge has any merit whatsoever. They see the hearing simply as “an extraordinary opportunity for the issues in question to be ventilated in public”.

It will create much-needed debate regarding evidence-based medicine, nutrition as well as the role of doctors, academics, scientists, nutritionists and dietitians in ensuring that the public has access to “the best diet and nutrition information available, not just information contained in official dietary guidelines”, says Pike.

Exactly how the content Noakes’ tweet could be interpreted as dangerous and  unprofessional conduct will be a focus of the hearing, as will be issues such as what constitutes a patient, and the difference between opinion and advice.

The hearing will also be about freedom of speech. Strydom and the HPCSA appear to believe Noakes has no right to express his opinions on nutrition freely, and shouldn’t be giving dietary advice if it differs from officially accepted dogma.

It’s almost as if they believe dietitians’ degrees confer some sort of nutrition omniscience, a divine, monopolistic right to advising people on healthy eating.

Pike says the hearing will highlight “the disruptive effect of social media and information technology and the transformative effects these are having on the role of doctors and dietitians”.

Clearly, the role of the dietitian is rapidly changing. Google and social media are empowering the public. Dietitians and their organisations that don’t move with these exciting times and acknowledge the science are becoming increasingly irrelevant – and a public health hazard.

  • AbsurdIdea

    Please provide references…

  • @dieticianSA

    There is NO CONNECTION between big business & dieticians in South Africa. This journalist is trying her very best to promote Noakes and discredit ALL RDs with any dirt she can dish..even facts/news from dieticians from other continents are posted and painted as if it is happening in SA. Calling ALL Rds dinosaurs, and discrediting them in EVERY single article she writes. UNETHICAL and biased.

  • @dieticianSA

    Cant believe a dietician, or was it a nutitionist? advised you to eat special-K and drink COKE? Was this a low GI diet with small controlled portions eaten WITH protein? how come you drank Coke? wasnt it supposed to be sugar-free?

  • @dieticianSA

    Another article discrediting ALL RDs as dinosaurs.. beware, the day might come when you NEED one for expert advice with a loved one in ICU or a disease that need much deeper intervention.. So sick of this

  • @dieticianSA

    This is NOT about Meat & Veg… it is about giving advice in a tweet to “ween” (wean, that is stop breast feeding) a child on LCHF. Dieticians always recommended veggies and meat, so the problem is with HF, in fact HIGH ADDED FAT.. ring a bell, in a previous life Noakes recommended HIGH ADDED CARBS&SUGAR…
    Fat should be consumed as the natural part of whole food, NOT extracted and ADDED in HIGH amounts to make normal healthy food HF. Funny how the HF part is not mentioned!
    No person with a known medical back ground/ profession should give advice without having more info about the health of the infant – and on social media, some other parents may also follow the advice, perhaps with a baby with a disease that should NOT consume high fat.
    Noakes stated in his own book BABIES should NOT follow this diet…

  • @dieticianSA


  • @dieticianSA

    Correct, you dont have to eat any sugar or refined carbs for your brain – your body will provide it through gluconeogenesis.

  • @dieticianSA

    The damage was done by blotched research, &PUBLISHING these untruths all over the world. ALL medical professions believed the widely published & USED the research as treatment for their patients, believing it was facts. NOT ONLY DIETICIANS. Prof Noakes did the most harm with publising his card-loading high sugar diet – how many x runners have diabetes after following it? So next time you read printed matter, and BizNews journailists who discredit ALL RDs as dinosaurs, take it with a pinch of salt.. ADSA & dieticians have NO ties with big food, BizNews often dicredit SA dieticians with bad publicity from other continents, that is falsely stated as if it is in SA. #Unethical journalism. I can assure you, South African dieticians are excellent and up to date with the latest (publised) research & studies – as in the past. we can only hope&pray it is not a repeat about the Ancell Keys lies everybody believed & used for decades.

  • @dieticianSA

    It seems BizNews has a huge problem with ALL dieticians all over the globe, or is it just a journalist who is an over-obsessive fan of prof Tim Noakes?
    Some facts stated in this article is not 100%.. Dieticians have used the Ketogenic diet, or LCHF diet for decades to treat certain conditions – I worked as a pediatric dietician at an academic hospital form 1980.. we as RDs treated MANY babies/kids with epilepsy with this diet.
    Where do RDs endorse or say it is fine to consume coke/sweetened sodas/chips /sugar or unhealthy processed fast foods – name them?!
    In his tweet, Noakes did NOT mention meat&veg, he tweeted the child should be “weened” (weaned, that is stop breast feeding) onto a #LCHF diet, that is with HIGH ADDED FAT, and according to his rules hardly any fruit or root veggies. He also gave this advice without any knowledge about the health status of the infant. In his own book he stated under “who should not follow the #LCHF diet: “babies”
    The problem RDs (like me) have with #LCHF is NOT the meat and vegetables (food that RDs always recommend) part of “LCHF, but the high% ADDED fat – fat that is in fact extracted from another whole food, and added to healthy natural veggies&meat, to make it HIGH FAT as in #LCHF – Fat is supposed to be consumed, as part of the healthy natural food it originates from,as % as NATURE provides it – NOT to be added to make a meal HIGH (added)FAT
    As a dietician i have NEVER prescribed a HC or sugar diet, not even in prof Tim Noakes’ heydays of HIGH ADDED SUGAR/CARBS. Note the high % ADDED. first is was carbs, now it is fat.
    Prof Noakes get massive amounts of FREE advertising all over the press, and the article in the Sunday times was discrediting all dieticians, making negative comments. If HE never heard a dietician saying poor (or ANY)people shouldn’t eat coke&chips, it doesnt mean RDs recommend it, like he insinuate. How can he make such statements in a public newspaper? In the same article he also claimed that he NEVER gets any negative comments re the Banting diet on social media, or his news feed, but he forgets to mention that he BLOCKS everybody that dare to make one, so it is not visible on his social pages.
    he also wrote in an article he “BANTED AS A CHILD” because his mom fed them marrow bones, offal, liver, organ meat etc.. (Just like my mom too) & i ask, did the good prof FORGET or was this true? Marrow bones without toast? Offal& brains without rice and potatoes? Liver without any othe carbs/root veggies on the plate? NO sandwiches to school? No desert, ice cream, juice or cool drinks as a treat? & Dare to ask him and he BLOCKS you..
    Is it the journalist or the prof dishing up these lies to the public??
    Discrediting dieticians as a whole entity in ALL the BizNews articles written by Marika Sboros – calling dieticians dinosaurs, digging up any negative comment that can possibly be published, even matters from dietetic associations on other continents This is absolutely unethical.
    If ONE dietician makes a statement, it is NOT ALL DIETICIANS. And all the negative articles and discrediting of a whole profession by BizNews is a disgrace. Wonder if the journalist understand the scope of RDs work – it is much more than weightloss and LCHF.. wait till you NEED one of the discredited dinosaurs for a person with burns / severe cancer / IBS / ICU / food allergies / specialized feeding.. etc.
    My comment will probably also be blocked. Lets see. These are MY OWN opinions.

  • YinYangMan


  • Bruce Mills

    Caroline I had the privilege to eat at the table of Ruth and Don Thompson, a Canadian family that owned a canning business in Swellendam and had holidays close to Langebaan. The discovery of cooling pureed baby food locking the lids and the resulting long term preservation of the product was the real key to Purity.
    The source foods were always pure and one of the products I remember were the meat and vegetable versions that I later fed to my infant daughter. The range was always good , acceptable and with variety. I bet parents everywhere have also tasted Purity and checked that is is all round nutritious food for babies.
    So even in the early years of baby foods meat and veg were offered which is why I question the whole issue around of a balanced diet punted so heavily in the last 30 years.
    Ever tried meat and potatoes and then fallen asleep yet meat and salads don’t have that effect ? All that starch combined with protein seems to slow down the human body – yet hospital meals still serve the same basic balanced diets – maybe the patients must go to sleep to give the nurses a break ?

    Your point about the big corporates is quite relevant as they are driven by shareholder interests in the main and it was always interesting to hear why Don, Ruth and Helen Thompson ‘accidentaly’ developed Purity Baby Food – they had 5 children, close in age and preparing meals for infants and toddlers every day just got a bit much. One day the pre-cooked pureed meal was still hot and the lid applied early. As it cooled the lid kinked in so they decided to leave it like that to see what happens. The usual method cooled the food first then applied lids and the storage life was very limited. This new way proved to the Thompson’s that the baby food was preserved and did not spoil making it ideal for a commercial product.

    I spent many summers holidaying with their large family and listening to my father, also Don, and ‘Big’ Don Thompson sing Canadian folk songs from their youth around a large log fire. I did not know their success story at the time until after they went back to Canada. So why shouldn’t a baby get fed with meat and veg ? I can’t think of a decent reason that any parent for the last few thousand years would not have weaned an infant off breast milk with whatever was available and inadvertanly followed a Banting feeding scheme.

    How could that be irresponsible? Alcohol drunk while pregnant and smoking around children, that’s irresponsible as well as feeding small children barely nuritious foods but it is all common sense really. Now that Big Co does own a good brand of baby food, I wonder if they treat it and their users the same way that I know the Thompson’s would have ?

  • Tim Boettiger

    To Dr Zeek if you could please look up “THE OILING OF AMERICA ” your ranting’s will come to an abrupt end . I was 150 kgs and have lost 45kgs thank you to Prof Noakes my pre diabetic markers are all gone no more fatigue improved eye sight better mental alertness improved memory no more aces and pains NEED I GO on !!! have you ever been a prisoner in your own body if not shut up!!!! VIVA PROF NOAKES VIVA ps this fat boy was cycling 1 1/2 hours a day burning 1200 to 1400 calories gyming an hour a day 3 times a week and swimming 2 to 3 kms 3 times a week with limited loss , miserable and staving I lost 18 kgs in 18 months put it all back on and now lost all this weight with very limited exercise 15 months 45 kgs down size 38 pants down from a 48 .ok now I am ranting Professor Tim Noakes is my hero thank you prof noakes

  • WayneTurner

    They had no legitimate research either.

  • WayneTurner

    He is conducting clinical trials.

  • WayneTurner

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Do you know where the money goes? I don’t think so. You are no authority on this matter.
    What do you think their foundation is doing at the moment?

  • WayneTurner

    Mary-Ann had a fall out with Prof Noakes and is very bitter as you can see by her article. I have interviewed Tim more than any other radio journalist, every week for 16 years. Several hundred hours of interviews. I have got him personally and know his integrity and his zeal for the truth. I have seen him recant on air when he is proven wrong. He is an A1 rated scientist. I can assure you that he is not what Mary-Ann says he is.
    I have seen so many, in the hundreds, of amazing life changing stories of people who have regained hope through Tim’s crusade. My financial reporter has lost almost 60 kg and stopped using insulin after 26 years on it. He only had a chance meeting with Tim.
    Sour grapes here I’m afraid.

  • Pieter Uys

    And you yourself declare that eating large amounts of carbs is BS !! So you support his views then. He doesn’t need to conduct a clinical trial because the evidence has already been collected and published AND accepted universally except by some dinosaurs in SA.

  • Susan Barbara Dey

    Perhaps you should do some research. … you may find that the science of LCHF was not “invented” by Prof Noakes.
    The WHO report is taken grossly out of context too. Plus there have been reports of bacon being carcinogenic from the time I was a teenager!! Please!!

  • Susan Barbara Dey

    Really?? Even the US Heart Foundation is now agreeing that cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease!! It is inflammation that causes heart disease. Do you have any idea what causes inflammation?? Yes, that’s right – sugar & carbs (which convert to sugar in your body). I’ve kept it simple so that you can understand! Time for you to do your research rather than regurgitate seriously old science – science that supports only Big Pharma, Big Food’s bottom lines!!

  • Macafrican

    At the end of the day it is probably not prudent to provide dietary advice over social media without a consultation, medical history, etc

    I am by no means pro big food or big pharma and agree something we are doing is making us less healthy on average. But not everybody is diabetic or obese (6’5 and 91kg myself) so what works for some is not for everybody. I eat way too much sugar for Tim’s liking, but it works according to my blood makeup and my metabolism.

    Beware the Food Police of either persuasion

  • Joern M. Vikse
  • Tata ma chance

    Read the book Cholesterol Myths by Uffe Ravnskof…
    Big Pharma wants your money for life.

  • Tata ma chance

    The ones that fix prices, but Joker didn’t know that either.

  • Tata ma chance

    HPCSA another anc joke filled with cadres and the like.

  • joe

    What absolute nonsense Mary-Anne,
    I was diagnosed with diabetes 2. 15 years ago and after going to a dietician with no success, I decided to test 2 hours after breakfast consisting of a single item at one time, to test my blood sugar level, I was amazed which items caused my b.s.l. to rise the most: Special K, all grains (especially the darker ones), potatoes, chips etc.
    A year ago I developed a taste for coke, 6 months later my b.s.l. skyrocketed and I came to the conclusion to cut out the coke which is very much based on sugar and sugar is the big poison item in our lives, my BSL dropped within months from 13 to 6-7.

  • Pieter Uys

    Google to find the published research on carcinogenic effects of bacon and red meat. You will read that the correlation with cancer incidence is insignificant!

  • Elizabeth Carter

    Mike, Thank you for your post. I have been on the LCHF since 6/15/15 and I have been studying the science behind it. I could not understand how Mary-Anne could think that low carbs could cause diabetes. I have lost 45 pounds on this diet and am intending to make it my lifestyle. I subscribe to and have watched Tim’s videos (and all the others for that matter.).
    It took a lot of courage for Tim to admit that he was wrong about the carb loading and to step up to the latest scientific studies, apologize for his mistakes and move forward. I hope that Mary-Ann will be able to do the same.
    Cognitive dissonance is very hard to overcome. It will take a lot of soul searching on her part to see if “feeling like you are right” is the same as “being right”. I hope that she can find the strength and humility to change her mind if it she finds the science in favor of LCHF. A lot of lives depend on it. I believe Tim did exactly that.

  • Dr_Zeek

    And what about his cholesterol? Hope it doesn’t kill him.

  • Dr_Zeek

    So, the meat industry is not “Big Food”? C’mon…

  • Dr_Zeek

    Of course, his holiness Noakes has no skin in the game – ONLY 3 or 4 books, cookbooks, licensed products and all the fame and adulation someone with a massive ego can deal with.
    He peddled the same old BS about carbs for 30 years…now, with pension age approaching fast, he had a damascene conversion to LCHF, Banting, Noakes, Atkins, South Beach, New Atkins, La Vida Low Carb….whatever brand name one can think of for these 21st century snake oil salesmen.
    FYI, Noakes has STILL not conducted his own clinical trial proving the efficacy of LCHF.
    BTW, the WHO says bacon is carcinogenic. Less than a day later and with no research, Noakes disputes the fact.

  • Dr_Zeek

    Noakes seems to advertising his books heavily, so to be avoided too?

  • Mervyn Brouard

    I hear she is also against vaccination which should ring alarm bells. The article is so unbalanced that I am surprised that BizNews continues to use her. Also the inclusion of photographs of those who oppose the diet could be interpreted as intimidatory,

  • v_3


    You do not deal with the reports of unprofessional (criminal?) incompetency by the Board. Is that not more important than one publicity-seeking academic?

  • Mary-Ann Shearer

    As much as I hate the connection between big business and dietetics – I don’t think that Noakes is any kind of saint. Rather he appears to crave the limelight at any cost and any cost it is. He has become diabetic since he started his dietary program and is now on Metformin – a drug from BIG Pharma that has several side effects. Noakes claimed he followed the low carb, high fat diet to avoid diabetes. He has type 2 diabetes – which is completely preventable on a wholefood, plant based diet – which includes legumes and whole grains – foods banned on his diet. Peer reviewed, published studies prove conclusively that a whole food plant based diet , not only prevents diabetes but actually reverses it.
    Actual communities as found in the Blue Zones follow these guidelines and have for centuries and are the longest living and healthiest communities. At the end of the day – there is no fame and fortune promoting a wholefood plant based diet – no big companies making money – just good old fashioned HEALTH ! No BS – no hype – no fame – no money
    BTW – the advice Noakes gave to the mother of the child is dangerous – the brain and CNS cannot work efficiently without carbohydrates – so he should be tried on some level.
    The fallout from his diet deserves some decent investigation – I have had to deal with several people who have suffered from kidney collapse, constipation, depression, and heavy menstruation, arthritis, gout and other problems on his diet.
    Clearly the meat industry is happy about Noakes’ stance and he is probably financed by them – he too has BIG business behind him
    How about some decent investigative reporting Marika – this clearly biased reporting is not in keeping with your high standards.
    Start with why is Noakes diabetic after he started promoting his diet – then follow the money trail and see where it leads , then look at real people living in real communities – there are none who live long eating like this – Masai & Inuits life expectancy is less that 50 years! Then look at the environmental effect of eating like this. Is it sustainable
    Come on – give the real story – not this one sided start struck defense in favour of Noakes

  • Couldn’t agree more!

  • Excellent article! Spot on! Thanks Marika – my rule of thumb, give or take: if it advertises, don’t touch it! There is not a single corporate that cares about human health … on the contrary!

  • Koos Kanmar Jr.

    Seems like HSFSA is going to incur some real reputational damage with this. Big business is driven by big money only and if you choose to rub shoulders with them you stand a really good change of become rotten from the head down. I hope the truth is revealed. These ADSA (employees) seems to be young know it all’s. I hope they get what’s coming to them.

  • Göran Sjöberg

    As a successful heart failure Swedish anecdote on LCHF I realise that much is at stake in this “trial” and i really wish you all an overwhelming victory.

  • KhoisanZ

    The Heart and Stroke Foundation… brought to you by:

    Willowton Group is proud to have been awarded the Platinum Seal of Appreciation by the HSFSA for supporting the fight against heart disease and stroke – South Africa’s leading non-infectious killers. The makers of low fat spread, soap, crown cooking oil, sunfoil cooking oil, margarine, pastry, rice, candles.

    Unilever believes that given the chance and the right support, young people around the world can create powerful, positive movements for change. The produces of Ola, Rama, Rajah, Rondo, Knorrox, Knorr, Flora, Robertsons, Stork.

    Tiger Brands is a world–class operation – and will continue to hold and grow its position through constant investment in every asset of the business, be it in people, brands, technology, efficiency, quality or sustainability. The producers of rice, mielie meal, purity baby food, Beacon sweets, Jelly Tots, Oros, Energade.

    The Spur Corporation is a growing multi-brand restaurant franchisor, headquartered in Cape Town, and listed in the travel and leisure sector of the JSE Ltd. Spur Group consists of Spur International, Spur Steak Ranches, Panarottis Pizza Pasta, John Dory’s Fish, Grill & Sushi, Captain DoRegos and The Hussar Grill.

  • KhoisanZ

    This is the state of the organisation that has seen fit to pursue the spurious complaint against Noakes. And, wow, they were so efficient in their pursuit of him… Complaint in February 2014, hearing in June 2015, but see that Jasper Hoon has had to wait a lot longer. For ADSA, the HPCSA has moved heaven and earth, and must have spent an extraordinary amount of money to organise a two day hearing, and pay six committee members and the prosecutor, and the organise another hearing for 7 days, and to pay the prosecutor and the 6 committee members for the seven day hearing… and then there are the costs of the venue. And all because of a difference in opinion regarding fat and sugar.

    In its governance statement on its website, the HPCSA declares that it “recognises its responsibility to conduct its affairs with prudence, transparency, accountability, fairness and social responsibility”. It goes on to say that “through the confidence of the public and the profession in our system of regulation, we can continue to effectively deliver our mandate”.

    “After 18 months of waiting, documents getting lost, over 50 unanswered emails and even more unanswered calls, I really don’t see any other way [I can] put pressure on these people,” Dutch physiotherapist Liesbeth Raymakers told the Mail & Guardian in February 2014.

    In August 2013, Western Cape businessman Jasper Hoon, who had filed a complaint two years prior to that date and had spent more than a million rand in medical and legal costs, wasn’t any closer to getting reparation.

    “The HPCSA is in a state of multi-system organisational dysfunction which is resulting in the failure of the organisation to deliver effectively and efficiently on its primary objects and functions”. He said the HPCSA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) failed to co-operate with ministerial task team. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) also refused to meet task team.

    Motsoaledi said the COO has been implicated in acts of unauthorised, irregular and/or fruitless and wasteful expenditure in a matter relating to the ORACLE information communication technology system which remain unresolved. “The General Manager of Legal Services, who did not cooperate with this investigation, has overseen a dysfunctional system of professional conduct enquiries which has prejudiced practitioners and the public.”

    He recommended that disciplinary action be instituted against CEO, COO and head of legal services and that the body be unbundled. “The HPCSA will be releasing an official statement once Council has deliberated on the report,” HPCSA Communications Manager Priscilla Sekhonyana told Health24.

    The minister says the CEO, COO and general manager in the legal services at the HPCSA refused to be interviewed by the task team during the investigation.

    A suspension hearing was finally held for plastic surgeon Dr Luke Gordon where many more horror stories emerged; some could’ve been avoided had the Health Professions Council acted sooner. And acting against complaints isn’t
    the only backlog the council faces. The valuable skills of foreign doctors are often lost because of frequent inexplicable delays with the HPCSA’s registration process. Carte Blanche finds out why.

  • Elfrieda

    Fully agree! Thanks to Prof Tim Noakes, I can at last eat healthy food and loose weight. Nobody else that I Knoe of has ever really bothered with us fat carrying people in a scientific researched diet. I believe the animosity is due to jealousy.

  • torts_r4_fajitas

    Screw the food and thought police! I’ve been LCHF for nearly two years. It has stopped my long time problem of yo yo dieting. I’m 48 and eating LCHF has made it easy to maintain my school age weight with minimal exercise. Higher energy levels and lower triglycerides have been my reward for eating this way.

  • Gary Bing

    Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Arms, Big Oil: all seem to have a common connection – being suckered by so-called blue chip villians