South Africa’s municipal waste water – AfriForum plans to uncover more

This story caught my eye – an independent organisation testing the quality of South African municipal water. I, for one, would like to know the outcomes of this study and will be sure to update on the findings as and when they are released. JB

AfriforumCivil rights group AfriForum launched its own blue and green drop branch project on Tuesday to test water quality in South Africa.

The project will test potable and sewage water quality to ensure national standards are upheld, environmental affairs head Julius Kleynhans said in a statement.

“The project is part of an initiative to test the quality of potable and treated water in the municipalities across the country.”

Kleynhans said AfriForum would monitor municipalities to ensure that water was up to standard.

“If standards are not upheld, we will put pressure on the municipality to step in. If nothing is done, we will take the necessary legal steps to ensure that a solution is found.”

Water samples would be tested and results would be made available on March 17.
He said the country was facing a huge crisis owing to the mismanagement of water resources and its infrastructure.

“We need political will, efficient financial and infrastructure management, and the co-operation of communities in our municipalities to conserve this critical resource,” he said.

The public was invited to report water-related issues to AfriForum.




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