No Confidence Debate countdown – DA and Business Leadership up the ante

CAPE TOWN — Given the ruling Zuptoid cadre’s penchant for intimidation, bribery and corruption, Parliament’s Speaker, Baleke Mbete, will be hard put to deny a secret No Confidence vote on Tuesday. That’s the belief of the DA’s Mmusi Maimane, who cites the Constitutional court ruling alluding to the conditions necessary for voting secrecy. The Concourt left the decision up to Mbete. Maimane says if Mbete refuses a secret vote, he’ll challenge her decision legally, forcing her to provide reasons why. That battle, should it transpire and August 8th doesn’t go down in history as the day South Africa hit the reset button on corruption, will be fascinating to watch. One wonders if it’s a risk Mbete is willing to take, given that a successful vote will make her Caretaker President until either parliament or, indirectly the electorate, chooses a permanent new incumbent. Her autobiography in years to come, will be a best-seller, even if only to students of history and politics. Business Leadership South Africa, (BLSA), has nailed it’s colours to the SA mast, advising members to give their staff time off on Tuesday to join the mass protest without losing pay or any benefits. Very timely, given growing evidence that it’s not just Gupta-linked business doing dodgy State deals. – Chris Bateman

By Tshidi Madia, News24

Johannesburg – Leader of the DA Mmusi Maimane insists that President Jacob Zuma is but one part of the problem facing South Africa.

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane

He said getting rid of Zuma and the ANC would allow for a government that will steer the country away from economic despair.

“This thing whether we deal with Zuma or not is but one step in a long term process,” said Maimane.

He was speaking to News24 on the sidelines of a media briefing where his party was celebrating a year of being in charge of Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay.

The DA clinched control of the three metros following the ANC’s dismal showing in the 2016 municipal elections.

“We can’t resolve the ANC’s problems on the floor of Parliament. Imagine now we have to convene a government when in 2018 South Africa will be faced with a recession, junk status… You want a government that will steer us away from that, not one that is going to resolve party problems,” explained the DA leader.

Maimane reiterated calls made by DA parliamentary Chief Whip John Steeinhuisen who said the sooner the country holds elections, the better.

My job is at one level the motion of no confidence on the other I am travelling across the country saying to people let’s bring change, Maimane said to News24.

He said the country needed a new beginning.

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“We can remove Zuma but still be left with Shaun Abrahams. Eskom is in crisis, junk status, the Guptas are still around so at one level we need a reset, life is getting too hard for too many people,” he said.

Waiting to hear from Mbete Parties are still waiting for the Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete to announce whether she will allow the August 8 motion of no confidence in Zuma to be done by secret ballot – with some among the opposition already predicting that she will refuse to allow it at the last minute.

Zapiro’s take on the Concourt’s decision to put the Secret Ballot call in Baleka Mbete’s hands. More of his magic available at

“The first question is, on what grounds? Remember when the Constitutional Court gave its judgment, it said there must be evidence of intimidation, evidence of bribery, the fact that people are being intimidated, the ANC is doing that so that’s why we say we have to allow her to apply her discretion and then see the reasons,” said Maimane.

He said if Mbete failed to deliver reasons that were consistent with the ConCourt the DA would start processes to challenge her decision.


BLSA statement of the 8 August 2017 marches

Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) is aware of the calls for national action and planned marches around Parliament by various entities on 8 August 2017. Specifically, there has been a call for South Africans to participate in gatherings outside their workplaces between 12:00 and 14:00. BLSA encourages all its members to give employees who wish to participate in the protest an opportunity to do so.

BLSA wrote to its member organisations encouraging them to find a mutually acceptable way to give allowance to employees who wish to participate in the protest activities with no loss of income or benefits, and without the need to apply for leave.

Business is alive to the critical juncture at which South Africa finds itself due to the influence of state capture. As an organisation, we believe South Africans should have the opportunity to peacefully express their views at this significant juncture in South Africa’s history, without prescribing what those views should be.

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