NASCAR has got it right

“Team Orders” Dakar BMW-Minis – is it Sport or cheating?

When I heard the word, and saw the headlines: “Dakar: Team Orders for Mini’s decides who wins and who does not,” I gagged on my Rainbow’s End Cabernet Franc. Team orders! What the hell is that? Has it risen from the dead, this ugly thing, like the proverbial biblical character, Lazarus (although he may not … Read more

Ramphele to be DA presidential candidate

From SAPA: Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele said on Tuesday she would be the DA’s presidential candidate in the general elections in a bid to consign race politics to the dustbin. Ramphele said: “This is a historic moment. We are going to take away the excuse of race and challenge the ANC to be judged … Read more

Queen must manage money better – UK lawmakers

From SAPA-AP British lawmakers have criticized the financial affairs of Queen Elizabeth II and her household, urging the monarch to bring in more income by opening up Buckingham Palace to visitors more often. The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee said in a report Tuesday that the royal household needed more cash to address a … Read more

How to assess investments like Warren Buffett: Tips from a Buffett-watcher

People often choose individuals who are a lot like themselves to work with, and for, them. But, there’s much to be said for picking a partner who has different, though complementary, skills and ways of thinking.  A prime example is the relationship between US investment guru Warren Buffett and his lesser known other half, Charlie … Read more

Davos Diary Day Four: Hitting the Twitter Leaderboard, engaging Iqbal Surve – and more

  [soundcloud url=”″] An album of pictures and captions of our Davos adventure can be accessed by clicking here.  By Alec Hogg* Saturday at the WEF is my favourite. The professional networkers pack up and leave the day before, cutting queues and generally reducing the strain on facilities. The frenetic pace of the previous three … Read more