It’s do or die for NUM and AMCU as they prepare for Mother of all Trade Union Wars

The news cycle is like the proverbial caravan. The dogs bark daily, but it keeps moving on, always seeking out the freshest stories. In the process, some obvious flashpoints get ignored – and when they do hit, surprise everyone. Especially Mr Market. One of the biggest “surprises” waiting to hit South Africa is worsening labour … Read more

We all need treatment for ‘denial’ and ‘retirement savings insanity’, not least retirement industry itself

Without a major shake-up in the retirement savings industry, most of us – including big salary earners – face serious financial hardship. That’s the hard-hitting message from a man who has specialised in developing income-producing investments. Simon Pearse, CEO of Marriott, the Income Specialists, sets out the harsh realities faced by most South Africans who are … Read more

SA’s Labour Relations lies in tatters. The timebomb is ticking.

Rael Solomon eats, sleeps and drinks labour relations. Has done so for decades. A qualified engineer, he long ago switched to make his living as a labour consultant. As one who sees things from the coalface, it’s not surprising that Solomon has strong views about the way the current chaos and threatened explosion. AMCU, he … Read more

Labour law - unintended consequences

The unintended consequences of labour laws for the poor

This thought-provoking contribution came via e-mail from a BizNewz reader. It’s a very interesting piece, and a quick read to boot. Basically, this reader – a retired gent in his mid-sixties – considers the unintended consequences of measures intended to improve employment conditions. In particular, he thinks about the effect that minimum wages, unions, and central … Read more