Up yours!

More Up Yours art than cartoon. A new blog by South African artist and web designer Andrew Mogridge is going to be edgy. And very cool. Check out this political drawing here. Having shared many a vino with the acerbic Andrew Mogridge, I can say it’ll be well worth keeping an eye on his visual … Read more

Five things you need to know about SA on 17/03/2009

1. There was an emergency situation at the Pelindaba nuclear facility outside Pretoria on Monday morning. “Abnormal levels of gamma radiation associated with xenon and krypton gases [were] detected in and near the building in which radioisotopes are produced for medical applications,” says the SA Nuclear Energy Corporation. Dunno what that means but if I … Read more

Messy women are more fun

My household, like yours I’m sure, is a mirror of global business and banking in these times of recession. We’ve minimised debt, cut back costs and are holding onto cash.

And it’s amazing how much unchecked spending goes on in the fat times. The first thing I did was to examine my car insurance installments to discover that my premiums were based on what I paid for my car new — four years ago! Once I’d fixed that, the premiums dropped by R400. Then there was Telkom.

"Managing the slaves is stressful but look how the patio sparkles."
"Managing the slaves is stressful but look how the patio sparkles."

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Five things you need to know about SA on 17/3/2009

1. The Times reports that government sources say that Intelligence Minister Siyabonga Cwele was to meet President Kgalema Motlanthe last night to ‘‘provide him with an explanation” of what’s potting following the Sunday Times story saying that the minister’s wife is being investigated for trafficking cocaine between South America and South Africa. Read the full … Read more

Take me to the river…

I’m not religious but sometimes you’ve got to wonder if God, or whoever else is up there, has a mean sense of humour. Take this story from the Mopani News in Mpumalanga which ran (there’s that sense of humour again) on Friday the 13th:  A baptism ceremony ended tragically when an Apostolic Church priest and … Read more

Bullard is back

I’ve been wondering where David Bullard has got to since he got his marching orders from the Sunday Times after his bosses failed to read a seriously edgy column of his before it got published. Well, mystery solved. He’s over at MoneyWeb now (and still writing under the Out to Lunch name. I wonder if … Read more

Five things you need to know about SA on 13/3/2009

1. Security for ANC president Jacob Zuma is costing the taxpayer R1-million a month, it emerged in Parliament in response to questions from the DA. That means he’s cost the taxpayer a cool R50million since he was dismissed as deputy president in June 2005. Good grief! I think we’re all agreed on this: Mr Zuma, … Read more