It started as a friendship…

If is ain’t broke don’t fix it. Check this spoof Brokeback Mountain vid of Shaik and Zuma. It dates from Schabir Shaik’s trial but it’s still a bit of a laugh since Shaik’s out of jail and back in the spotlight.

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Bar flies, unite

Hacks are an apathetic bunch. We let our union, the SAUJ, fall into such disrepair that it was officially derecognised by most of the big media companies in the past decade. Basically, most of us would rather sit around in the pub and bitch about our bosses than get a proper union going again. But … Read more

Guerrilla blogging with a four-year-old

I like to flatter myself by thinking I’m embarking a new kind of journalism here: guerrilla blogging with a four-year-old. I pound away at my laptop like a fiend between 8am and 11.45am, when I fetch Gemma from pre-primary, and then sneak in an hour or so in the afternoon when she’s napping — and thinks I am too.

Of course, like most little kids, the thought that other people are having fun while she’s sleeping just kills her. I once caught her sneaking up the passage looking for mischief. She clearly thought I was asleep. When she discovered I wasn’t, all bets were off.

Gemma rustled up dinner while Mommy was blogging.
Gemma rustled up dinner while Mommy was blogging.

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Mad Dog abduction

Now we know it’s true. Mad Dog Mugabe was indeed abducted and replaced by an impostor from the planet Loon in 1994. The world domination bit isn’t quite working but they’ve got a small country in Africa in their grip. Any one got any ideas why they should want to start in Zim?

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Five things you need to know about SA on 18/03/2009

1. Fire raged across Devil’s Peak in Cape Town last night, with people being evacuated from city suburbs such as Vredehoek and University Estate. The fire started at Rhodes Memorial above Rondebosch and De Waal Drive is closed to traffic this morning. Yikes. What a traffic jam on Main Road! Check out these amazing pics … Read more

Up yours!

More Up Yours art than cartoon. A new blog by South African artist and web designer Andrew Mogridge is going to be edgy. And very cool. Check out this political drawing here. Having shared many a vino with the acerbic Andrew Mogridge, I can say it’ll be well worth keeping an eye on his visual … Read more

Five things you need to know about SA on 17/03/2009

1. There was an emergency situation at the Pelindaba nuclear facility outside Pretoria on Monday morning. “Abnormal levels of gamma radiation associated with xenon and krypton gases [were] detected in and near the building in which radioisotopes are produced for medical applications,” says the SA Nuclear Energy Corporation. Dunno what that means but if I … Read more

Red, yellow, blue… doobie doobie doo

What were you up to in 1988? Remember Citi Golfs were the “in” thing and Jeremy “Ag Please Daddy” Taylor was the Joko tea man? Check out this vid of TV adverts from 1988 to jog your memory. I was 16 years old, had my eye on a boy called Danny, was really knuckling down at school, had just discovered Milan Kundera and was mad about Sting’s Nothing Like the Sun.

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Messy women are more fun

My household, like yours I’m sure, is a mirror of global business and banking in these times of recession. We’ve minimised debt, cut back costs and are holding onto cash.

And it’s amazing how much unchecked spending goes on in the fat times. The first thing I did was to examine my car insurance installments to discover that my premiums were based on what I paid for my car new — four years ago! Once I’d fixed that, the premiums dropped by R400. Then there was Telkom.

"Managing the slaves is stressful but look how the patio sparkles."
"Managing the slaves is stressful but look how the patio sparkles."

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Five things you need to know about SA on 17/3/2009

1. The Times reports that government sources say that Intelligence Minister Siyabonga Cwele was to meet President Kgalema Motlanthe last night to ‘‘provide him with an explanation” of what’s potting following the Sunday Times story saying that the minister’s wife is being investigated for trafficking cocaine between South America and South Africa. Read the full … Read more