Tweets for Twits

[youtube] A young man struggles against the pressure to Twitter his life away. This Youtube vid is from SuperNews!, an animated sketch comedy series on American TV. 

Five things you need to know about SA on 26/03/2009

1. Business Day has a cooker of a story. The evidence ANC president Jacob Zuma’s legal team gave to the National Prosecuting Authority included taped conversation — allegedly gathered by state intelligence agencies — between former president Thabo Mbeki and former Scorpions head Leonard McCarthy. Says the newspaper: The recorded conversations include a host of … Read more

Polygamy is another word for slavery

There’s a brilliant column by Nikiwe Bikitsha on M&GOnline in which she writes about attending a friend’s polygamous wedding down in the Eastern Cape. She writes of her surprise that a modern, educated woman would agree to become someone’s second wife – when the first wife is still around and wonders if polygamous marriage is … Read more

Something wicked this way comes

It seems naughty spirits are touring the country, causing girls to have fainting fits. The Daily Dispatch has a story of about 20 girls in a Lusikisiki shcool in the Transkei having frightening visions, fits and fainting after seeing what they believe are evil spirits. About two weeks ago The Witness reported that girls at … Read more

Five things you need to know about SA on 25/03/2009

1. ANC Youth League President Julius  Malema  will be visiting the koeksister monument in the conservative Afrikaner stonghold, Orania, this weekend to shorrt the breeze with the youth of the Freedom Front Plus. This should be good and give the ANC’s chief wit an opportunity to exercise his mouth. Let’s not forgot he called the … Read more

Five things you need to know about SA on 24/03/2009

1. The lawyer for the three doctors who treated Jacob Zuma’s former financial advisor, Schabir Shaik, says they did not sign documents recommending medical parole for Shaik. Read the story at The Times here. 2. Top Durban businessmen have been linked to a child prostitution ring, reports The Witness. There’s no names yet but they … Read more

Once We Were Intelligence

Part 2 of interview with Mo Shaik, Schabir’s brother, at the launch of Jeremy Gordin’s biography of ANC president Jacob Zuma:

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Five things you need to know about SA on 23/03/2009

1. Former Springbok star Joost van der Westhuizen has decided not to press ahead with legal action over a sex and drugs video allegedly featuring him in a starring role, reports Beeld. He had planned to file charges of extortion and defamation and sue Heat magazine and Rapport newspaper for their reporting on the video. … Read more


The ANC has launched a weekly column in the Daily Sun, to run till the end of April. Well, that should be a laugh a minute.

Unfortunately the Daily Sun’s website is still under construction (for how long now?) but here’s a precis of the first column’s content from the ANC’s newly launched blog. There’s a bottle of Tall Horse in it for you (and, yes, I will post it to you but only if you’re in South Africa) if you can come up with the best punchline or dialogue to this little scene:


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Of God and zookeepers

A fish eagle was circling the Gonubie River as my daughter and I were noodling around on the shore on a perfectly still afternoon this week. It seemed a good time for a serious chat about God.

Four-year-old Gemma goes to a pre-school that says grace and sings very sweet little Christian songs but this week she shouted at me in frustration (after being told she couldn’t do something): “God made this world; not you. You don’t rule the world; God does.”

And then God said: "Show your appreciation with a Mexican wave."
And then God said: "Show your appreciation with a Mexican wave."

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