Searching for Sugarman


Searching for Sugarman – the Rodriguez movie deserves to be 2012’s “must see”.

One of the advantages of smelling the roses is taking spur-of-the-moment decisions. Like putting the Mall shopping trip on hold for a movie. At 11:30 in the morning. Like we did today. A number of our friends have been urging us to go see the recently released movie about American musician Rodriguez.

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Clayton thumb

A capitalist’s dilemma – by the world’s top management thinker

Clayton thumbIn this superb Op-Ed in the New York Times, the man rated as the world’s top management thinker, Clayton Christensen, says the winner of the presidential election must face “the capitalist’s dilemma.” Christensen, A professor at Harvard University, is the author of the international bestseller The Innovator’s Dilemma.

In many ways, the answer won’t depend on who wins on Tuesday. Anyone who says otherwise is overstating the power of the American president. But if the president doesn’t have the power to fix things, who does?

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jim wallis

After the US Election – searching for common good

Jim WallisI met Jim Wallis at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos and have been following his work ever since. He writes a brilliant column, God’s Politics, for This is the piece he wrote just after the US Election results were released.

The day after the 2012 election brought a great feeling of relief. Most of us, whether our candidates won or lost, were so weary of what elections have become that we were just glad the process was over. Many were disappointed that dysfunctional and bitterly partisan politics in Washington, D.C., had undermined their deep desires for “hope” and “change.” Politics have severely constrained those possibilities by focusing on blame instead of solutions, and winning instead of governing. And, as the most expensive election in American history just showed, the checks have replaced all the balances. 

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The Star

First shots fired

The Star

First shots fired in the bidding for Independent Newspapers South Africa

Newspapers might be dying, but they still carry enough legacy to attract good money. Warren Buffett has changed his mind and started scooping up US papers. And this week in South Africa bidding began for Independent Newspapers, the willing cash cow that’s kept on giving to its embattled Irish parent.

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maggie thatcher

What SA needs is leaders with the grit of a Maggie Thatcher

maggie thatcherWith a hectic work and social schedule since getting back to Johannesburg, scraping away time for a night at the movies is a challenge. Seems when we do want to visit the big screen, there never seems to be anything available at a convenient time. Thank heavens for Box Office. Like yesterday afternoon when our lazy Sunday afternoon became a special one. Courtesy of Meryl Streep’s brilliant portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

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cyril ramaphosa

Cyril’s Mensis Horibilis

cyril ramaphosa

Ramaphosa’s Mensis Horibilis isn’t getting any better

You have to feel for Cyril Ramaphosa. Until Lonmin hosted the spectacular explosion of the festering sore that is mining labour relations, he seemed blissfully unaware of a nasty human trait called envy. Allowing his mind to drift to a thought that his time at the top was coming. The Presidency of South Africa. One day not too far away.

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ABH and Nassim Taleb

About Alec Hogg – the founder of

Alec Hogg (53) is a South African financial journalist and media entrepreneur. His career kicked off in 1980 when he was employed as a trainee financial journalist at The Citizen newspaper. After progressing through senior positions at national newspapers and magazines, Hogg started his first business, a financial news agency, in 1988. After an unsuccessfully publishing … Read more


What shares to buy with that Xmas bonus (2011)

xmasIn December 20112, Robert K sent this email:

I am wanting to invest my bonus in some share but I am not 100% sure where to find value at the moment. I already have MPC, Curro (which has done well for me), Steinhoff and Old Mutual as well as Satrix Top 40 and Stanlib unit trusts.

Are there any shares you would recommend? I have been looking at AGL but they are very expensive although I do see value there.

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Smart, 25 and looking for share investment ideas

houseLaura sent this email: I am a regular follower of Moneyweb and more recently your blog. I enjoy the more personal articles and am in awe if your success. I was sad to learn of (your son) Travis’ passing, as we were in the same class for a few years at Mondeor Primary. He really had a great mind.

I have a keen interest in the financial markets being an actuarial analyst at one of the banks. What is your opinion of how the markets will fare this year?

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