Vale, Glencore break off Canadian nickel deal talks

As metal market news goes, nickel has had more than its usual share of exposure over the past few months. This report on the derailment of talks on the fusion of the Canadian nickel assets of Vale and Glencore was scarcely absorbed before a Phillipine senator did a Southeast Asian “me too” by urging a … Read more

Guy Hayward

For patient investors: Reshaping of Massmart sure to deliver rich harvest

After the mighty Wal-Mart entered South Africa nearly four years ago by acquiring a controlling stake in Massmart, when asked about the competitive threat market leader Whitey Basson of Shoprite famously asked Wal-who? So far, Basson has been on the mark. Despite some innovative moves and much toil – a workload that ended the retailing … Read more

Innovation Entrepreneur

Innovation is unpredictable…so gamble on it – Tip 23

Take a flutter on innovation. Put another way, create a venture fund to encourage innovation and thinking. Like gambling, innovation is unpredictable – a hit and miss option that offers no guarantee of success. But if it turns out right, suggests Mario Pretorius in his latest tip, it will be a commitment to the future … Read more

David Rawlinson Reunert CEO.

Is Reunert trapped in low-growth businesses?

Reunert has a solid history of delivering good returns, lots of cash, and reasonable growth. However, some voices are saying that the company is in too many low-growth industries, that its operations are all in mature industries that will not deliver real earnings growth into the future. CEO David Rawlinson admits in this interview that … Read more