🔒 Boardroom Talk: Some final thoughts on WEF 2023 which confirms we’re in a new age of turbulence

By Alec Hogg

It was really cold in Davos last week, requiring Michelin Man-type attire (above) to combat the sub-zero temperatures. But that was a small sacrifice. For the 18th time, I came home with a lot more than when I left – including a reminder of Socrates’ immortal advice that “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing….” 

I shared my insights at a fundraising breakfast in Hermanus yesterday, accompanied by my trusty Zoom Hn4 – so there’s an audio recording of the talk. Click here to have a listen. 


Not covered in the presentation are investment ideas which emerged from those five days of exposure to global mega-trends and some of the world’s leading CEOs. That’s being reserved for discussion on Tuesday during the monthly BizNews Share Portfolio update – a webinar exclusively for Premium members. A seat has been reserved for you, but you do need to pre-register. Click here to sign up.    

Before we close the door on WEF 2023, I’d urge you to read the piece below by Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator at our UK partners, the Financial Times. Wolf is a Davos veteran, expert facilitator and peerless in his field. His takeaways from those five days in the “magic mountain” are invaluable.  

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