🔒 Boardroom Talk: ‘Less is more’ approach by FAANGs offers lessons for conquering transforming markets

By Alec Hogg

During our three years in the UK, I started watching on-demand television offerings from Apple and Amazon – primarily to see first-hand how Big Tech would fare against Netflix and the continuously declining network TV incumbents. 


Both have a strategy of differentiating through a ‘less is more’ approach to content. An approach which is rational when you’re playing a long-game and targeting the money-rich, time-poor audience which is the sweet spot for media companies. 

I’m not a huge television watcher but delighted to see a new Ted Lasso series on Apple TV. It’s the third season for this story of a fictional English Premier League soccer club and its coach, brought over from American Football. The comedy has deservedly won a host of awards, including 4 Emmys for the first two seasons. 

The other show we’re doing one-episode-per-free-evening with is Amazon’s story based on Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac called Daisy Jones and the Six. This show, and Ted Lasso, are alone well worth the R99 a month investment. Apart from which, it’s also a window into a potential revenue stream for two of the FAANGS.

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