🔒 Boardroom Talk – Alec Hogg on RW Johnson’s assessment of Ramaphosa’s knee-jerk Peace Mission to nowhere

By Alec Hogg

Anyone who has read Andre de Ruyter’s extraordinary tell-all book, Truth To Power, would be deeply disappointed that South Africa’s President gives a higher priority to his Ukraine War Peace Mission than addressing the Eskom mess. Even more for those who have reflected on RW Johnson’s assessment.

The Oxford Don is at his brutal best today: In his opinion the Peace Mission is deliberately unrepresentative and not “really aimed at peace in Ukraine.” To his point – nobody from any African state that condemned Russia’s invasion are in the group. It’s another tour de force from South Africa’s political commentator. A must read. (You can find it here.)


So is the De Ruyter book. Usually publishers fall over themselves to get interviews with their writers. Not this time. Given obvious threats to his life, the ultimate whistle-blower is not doing any direct interviews. But we were promised an “email interview”. Questions were sent through, as requested, on Friday. Can’t wait for the response.



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