🔒 Boardroom Talk – The Davos Advantage: Nvidia’s AI surge takes us up 60% in welcome win

By Alec Hogg

This week I received my invitation to the World Economic Forum’s Summer Davos meeting in China at the end of June. The economics of modern publishing being what they are, drinking in the knowledge that will be abundantly ditributed at the event is only possible if we find a sponsor. Hope Stuart and Clive work some magic.

On another day, though, there could have been a whip-around among those who follow the BizNews Share Portfolio – such has been the benefit derived from investment ideas that came out of the Switzerland WEF event this year.


Because of the way Artificial Intelligence dominated the WEF 2023 conversation, on my return home, Nvidia and IBM were promptly added to the BizNews Share portfolio. The portfolio’s stocks are acquired in tranches to avoid spikes in either the share price or the rand. So our buying was only concluded on April 25.

While IBM hasn’t done much (yet), Nvidia has been a veritable rocket. The portfolio’s all-in buying price for its 100 Nvidia shares is $237.36 each. After the surge in the wake of this week’s quarterly results, Nvidia trades at $388 – up over 60% jump. Remember that, all ye conspiracy theorists, next time you disrespect Davos.              



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