🔒 Boardroom Talk – Prepare to meet thy boom. SA’s game-changing oil and gas resources ready to kick in

The Beloved Country has experienced so many false dawns that rational observers are justifiably cynical. But maybe the light at the end of today’s tunnel is not another approaching train. 

My interview yesterday with SA’s chief State geologist Mosa Mabuza was uplifting. The Wits-taught, former De Beers senior geologist is more than two decades into his self-imposed two years of “national service”. Given the exciting results of his Council for Geoscience’s Karoo Basin shale gas research, it’s been worth it. 

The process has been tortuous, but the way Mabuza puts it, all environmental boxes have now been ticked, opening the way for unleashing the potential of a global top 10 onshore gas deposit. Equally game-changing is the highly prospective geology running down South Africa’s West and East coasts. Click here for all the details.


All of which is not before time. SA must up its game to attract the economic lifeblood of fixed investment capital every developing country needs. The FT explains how the new Nigerian president is making all the right moves. Competition is growing, but when you think about it, that’s an excellent thing for SA on so many levels.



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