🔒 Boardroom Talk – RW Johnson: SA business, the only credible player left, must now step up to plate

By Alec Hogg

It’s only 11 months before South Africans go to the polls for the Young Democracy’s most important election. To the rational mind, the outcome will be binary. An ANC/EFF coalition will accelerate the path to national penury. A victory by the free-market supporting opposition could dramatically reverse the country’s fortunes.

With so much at stake, it’s infuriating to witness obvious personal antagonism within the anti-socialist camp. PA leader Gayton McKenzie summed it up well in our interview yesterday by concluding that immaturity and personal conflicts among opposition leaders, himself included, may hand the ANC a gift of another five years.  


As you’ll read in his “modest proposal”, RW Johnson is also fretful. He urges an erstwhile skittish business leadership step up. It’s an idea similar to one floated by Moeletsi Mbeki in his interview with BizNews colleague Linda van Tilburg. We may be seeing logic emerging in the extraordinarily illogical amphitheatre of SA’s politics.  



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