🔒 Boardroom Talk – Pravin is backing the wrong horse at Transnet, then again, he picked it

There’s another group of responses to the Edwards Turnaround Plan below. They follow a similar theme to those we’ve published in the past few days. Rational South Africans are dispensing with the diplomacy that’s bedevilled the nation for three decades. They are back to expressing forthright opinions and demanding change.

Melanie Veness, the PMB/Midlands Chamber of Business CEO who also chairs the national body, has reached some clear conclusions. In yesterday’s cracking interview, she admitted organised business is now ‘gatvol’. Why did it take so long? No defence, she says. Business has been like a frog in slowly boiling water. It should have woken up a lot earlier.

She will be meeting with Pravin Gordhan (74) next week. The man who has been in charge of Transnet for the past five years, however, is unlikely to offer a friendly ear. Despite all the evidence, he wants even more time.


Gordhan says a board of directors he appointed in July “is seized with the injunction I have given it”. A rational brain, though, prefers facts to spin. It’s impossible to see how the retention of ANC cadre-deployed management and the appointment of directors with little knowledge of logistics will affect the dramatic change urgently required.

Have a close look at Transnet’s board members (click here), and you may agree that with the notable exception of former Glencore, Impala and Anglo executive Andile Sangqu, it’s heavy on academics, politicians and ‘professionals’ and light on business experience. But for ANC mandarins, book learning has always been more highly prized than hard-nosed experience. After all, it’s only when actually practiced that socialism fails.



More reactions to The Trevor Edwards Plan of Action for turning around SA

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Greg Booysen has certainly allowed his creative juices to flow. His idea:

The best starting point is this:

  1. Arrest the top 100 ANC cadres.
  2. Incarcerate them in a maximum security prison. I know this sounds harsh, but their actions and theft have caused millions of people to live in squalor and hunger. Let those in jail feel the pain and discomfort. All their assets must be sold off, and the proceeds held (small amounts set aside to support their families).
  3. Impose an immediate 100-year sentence for each person. We cannot allow the Zuma-type court delays to happen.
  4. Give them access to a heavily monitored and controlled computer. 
  5. This is the deal – for every billion they return to the state (A special Reserve Bank recovery account set up to receive this), their sentence will be reduced by a specific period (matched to the person). The recovered amount will be shown nationally on TV. Once accounts and access codes have been identified, they will be drained into the recovery account. The person will be credited years accordingly.
  6. Ensure that the Guptas are brought back to SA but go straight into the above system, not through the courts.

A huge amount of money can be recovered, which will fuel the country’s turnaround.

The next step is to beef up SARS to conduct financial audits of all divisions within state entities. People identified as thieves will be put into the above system, and stolen money will be recovered.

Citizens must understand that the Government is there to serve us.  The culture of lawlessness must end.

Shaun Wood offers these thoughts…..

I think Trevor’s ideas are great, but there is one sticking point, i.e. is all this doable? With tremendous effort and focus, it just might be.

The priority is to dump the ANC, which I cannot see happening. If they get less than 50% of the vote, they will more than likely form a coalition with the eff and then we will be worse off, and this plan of action will be doomed before it even gets off the ground. All his ideas are anathema to the socialist/communist? So yes the starting point is to get rid of the corrupt, incompetent and arrogant ANC and let’s hope it may be possible.  The next step would be to get a new government (probably a coalition) to buy into this action plan. And after that, we could be on our way to a far more prosperous and law-abiding nation.

Debbie Power has another suggestion….

I have been reading with interest the suggestions to get everyone out and voting but haven’t seen the suggestion that all the SA’s living overseas should also be encouraged to vote since there are SO many of them. Might help just a little!!

And finally from a tribe memebr who’d prefer to remain anonymous to “prevent hate mail”…..

Instead of breaking off diplomatic relations with Israel, rather strengthen relations with them and grant citizenship (if they require or want it) to 100 000 Israeli men and their families, loan each man R100 000 (or whatever is required to start a meaningful enterprise these days in RSA) with all the necessary safeguards, and let each one begin a new enterprise. After all, Israel is known as the Start Up Nation. Even your hero, Warren Buffett, has invested meaningfully there. And he knows a thing or two. After ten, maybe even five years the RSA unemployment problem and financial difficulties will be much diminished.

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