🔒 Boardroom Talk – Bulls are back on Wall Street after inflation falls more than expected

By Alec Hogg

A little while back, we published research which showed that based on historical trends, share prices were set to improve from November onwards. The US market, which sets the global trend, has certainly delivered. It did so again last night.


The latest boost came from yesterday’s announcement that the last month’s inflation rate fell more than anticipated — indeed, a full half percentage point below what economists had expected (3.2% vs. the projected 3.7%). That’s good news for share investors, as stocks are inversely correlated to interest rates, whose levels are determined by inflation.

It’s good to see that despite geopolitical ructions, the US economy—and the world’s best companies, which are listed on its markets—continues to steam ahead, providing a rare safe haven for investors in these troubled times.



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