🔒 Boardroom Talk – That ‘Siya for President’ poster is more serious than you might imagine

Alec Hogg’s newsletter for Premium members. Monday, 27th November 2023

It’s been such a pleasure to publish the work of former trade unionist, media innovator and now dedicated op-ed columnist Dirk Hartford. He is a deft wordsmith, has a broad contact base and with an open mind, regularly provides fresh insights.


His latest contribution was sparked by a suggestion from public speaker extraordinare Vusi Thembekwayo that Springbok captain Siya Kolisi should be SA’s next president. Hartford digs into the idea and comes up with some surprising conclusions. You can read his piece by clicking on the headline below:

🔒 Dirk Hartford: Why “Siya for President” has great merit

Also in Dirk’s op-ed is support for Helen Zille’s prescient prediction that the future of SA politics is Red vs Blue. Given his history, Hartford knows the ANC better than most. Like many others who dedicated their lives to the liberation movement, he is dismayed at a deterioration into “rotten to the core and stinking skunk-like….”

Having just watched another masterful performance by Tom Hanks in the Netflix movie A Man Called Otto it was a delight to read the FT’s ‘at lunch’ profile with the actor, published over the weekend. Well worth investing you time, You’ll find it here:

🔒 FT: Tom Hanks on Bezos, AI, his nice-guy reputation and more…

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And, appropriately ahead of tomorrow’s webinar (see below), a piece from the FT on one of our star performers:    

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