🔒 Boardroom Talk – Seismic shift in SA politics suggests a very real prospect for change next year

Alec Hogg’s newsletter for Premium members. Monday, 11th December 2023

Two pieces of house-keeping to start with today –


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Some quality articles for your reading pleasure this morning.

A MUST-READ: Dirk Hartford’s inside track on potentially huge political change for SA. I won’t spoil this thunder. Click below to consume….

Dirk Hartford: DA set for shift to ‘centre-left’ via R1bn, Roger Jardine and friends

Plus a brilliant essay by RW Johnson laying out the truth about slavery and why Barbados’s demands for massive reparations are shooting at the wrong target. A very different history of slavery to that peddled by grasping politicians:

RW Johnson: Slavery reparation calls – sorting fact from revisionary fiction

And one more for today – timeless wisdom for everyone running a business from the late Charlie Munger:

Charlie Munger – the ultimate Second Banana: Beth Kowitt



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