A red-top heart beats at the Argus: Daily front pages, Fri 2013-01-11

Full points to the Cape Argus today for a punchy tabloid take on the farm protests in the Western Cape: lekker, bold design and a great picture to go with a real red-top challenge to the government to sort things out. As an aside though,  I do think the Cape Town papers would do well to think more carefully about covering these protests. Yes, it is the labour minister at central-government level  who has to deal with the minimum-wage issue but  Helen Zille’s provincial government has been a little disengenious in constantly throwing the responsibility back to the labour department. The Western Cape government should really be getting involved to help ease the tensions and and getting farmers and workers to talk to each other… but then I know it’s a minefield of different agendas — and the local ANC branches aren’t helping, that’s for sure! I would, however, like to see some tougher questions being directed towards Zille on this.

Another interesting thing to note here is how The Star, The Mercury and The Times played the car crash story… a horrific tale but The Times, I think, used the better picture: it show’s the full extent of horrific damage to the car but without The Star’s gruesome dead body in the foreground.

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