Good coverage of Amploplatzed! Daily front pages, Wed 2013-01-16

The mind-boggling news that Amplats (which Business Report is calling Angloplat) is shutting shafts and cutting up to 14 000 jobs played big across news and business publications today – as it should!

I thought both Business Day (using Amplats) and Business Report (the business insert of the Indie papers… unfortunately I don’t have its front page) delivered excellent, comprehensive coverage, given that the news broke yesterday .. and explaining why Amplats… or Angloplat… doesn’t see a viable future for its operation as it stands.

But please can someone tell which short form to use? Shall we just call it Amploplatzed?

Otherwise, there’s a rather amusing picture on The Witness’ front page – of ATM bombing suspects being frisked from behind – and I thought the juxtaposition of  the pic of JZ getting down on the soccer field beneath the unrelated headline at the Pretoria News – “Court nod for juvenile sex” – quite wry but then maybe that’s just me…


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