An illustration of snail news: International front pages, Fri 10am CAT 2013-01-18

What an interesting illustration of how loooooong it takes to write a breaking-news story, edit it, design a page and then physically print a newspaper with ink on paper!

A quick round-up of the front pages of some the big international papers (at 10am Central African Time) shows they had to go to print before they got the big Lance Armstrong-Oprah Winfrey interview on to the front.  The interview went out on Winfrey’s OWN cable network at 9pm Eastern Standard Time – which is 4am Central African Time.

Note that what you’re seeing here of the American papers such as The Wall Street Journal are their early editions that go to places such as Europe.

Also note that, no, this is not a story about nothing… not really. Please come back to Grubstreet later today when I compare how the big international papers covered the interview.

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