The FNB v ANC Twitter explosion [interactive]

This may be a little hard on the heels of yesterday’s interactive feature by this was too interesting to pass on.

Below, see how the Twitter action unfolded around First National Bank’s advert series showing young South Africans apparently giving their own views on the future of the country and which so annoyed the ANC that it called it “unpatriotic” and an attempt to unseat the government.

Some observations that come out of the visualisation (and give it time to load, there were a lot of people saying things here): FNB utterly loses control of the social media conversation through @rbjacobs, the “FNB Guy”, as it gathers steam. See how social media voices rapidly capture the “free speech” debate (@msmkokeli, Business Day’s political editor, we’re looking at you). See how there doesn’t seem to be much pro-ANC sentiment here. Perhaps you can spot some?

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Mouse-wheel (or click) to zoom… Left-click and hold to pan…Zoom in and hover on connecting link to view tweet [/box]


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