Your next BMW will find a parking space for you

From African News Agency

motoring cars BMW (SLIDER)Berlin (DPA) – A new service to be pioneered by German premium carmaker BMW will guide drivers hunting in crowded urban centres for somewhere economic to park, finding them the nearest available parking space.

On-Street Parking, an app, aggregates road traffic information in real-time and combines it with data from parking meters and car-park providers. This enables it to guess likely roadside parking-spot availability from street to street.

The number of data sources has grown with the increase of connected cars and even includes anonymized data from smartphones to show where and when a car owner is reversing into or out of a given parking space.

The app also “knows” that parking spaces in particular residential streets become regularly available when people leave for work.

Munich-based BMW will be the first car company to offer the service from the Inrix company in its models from later this year. Ford is said to be working on a pilot programme along similar lines.

BMW has already demonstrated the system in the United States using a specially fitted i3 electric car.

The Inrix service will initially be offered in six cities across Europe and the United States, namely Cologne, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco. Another 23 cities worldwide will be added by the end of the year.

Developers say the system could be expanded in future to allow drivers to reserve a parking space before arriving at a given destination.

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