ABC figures: Biggest consumer magazines in SA

[box]THIS PIECE was published first on, the website of Herman Manson, SA’s leading commentator on marketing and advertising. (@marklives)[/box] The ABC has released circulation statistics for the period January 2013 to March 2013. Here are a couple of consumer magazine ABC numbers that popped out for us. We also updated our list of the … Read more

Salary survey from Hacks/Hackers Cape Town is out

The results from Hacks/Hackers Cape Town survey on what South African full-time and freelance journos earn are out. (If you recall, they did an online survey in March — and not just to collect information on the state of our industry but with the intention of using it as an exercise to show journalists how … Read more

Boston Bomber shoot-out as a Twitter timeline [interactive]

This timeline has been created by some smart processing of over 400,000 tweets relating to the Boston bomber show-down of last Friday and Saturday. Using natural language text processing algorithms we extracted several thousand of the most significant into a 24-hour timeline showing how the drama unfolded on the social media network.