Quality system

Quality is the springboard to Quantity – Tip 16

Quality, quantity and price are not synonymous. The essence of this Mario Pretorius tip is that it is only by clearly defining – and gaining acceptance of – your product quality that you unlock the route to quantity and price. GK Choose between quality and quantity output as a goal. It is a slow but … Read more


Give customers good news… and competitors insomnia – Tip 15

Pitch your New! Improved! version of the business to the customers…and to as many staff as possible, so that the spectre of doom reaches the opposition clearly enough to keep them awake at night, says Mario Pretorius. GK Half of your efforts to the outside world should enamour your target market. The other half should … Read more

Award incentives

Rethink the possible…and STUN – Tip 14

Instead of taking for granted what is possible with minimal effort, and setting the outcomes based on it…recalibrate expectations, says Mario Pretorius. Find out what will stun the enterprise, and the competition. Then make the blood rise, stiffen the sinews…and do it! What are the parameters of acceptable measured outcomes? Why? What would STUN if … Read more

business process

Innovate both process and product –Tip 13

When choosing between product and process innovation…choose both, says Mario Pretorius. It’s not an either or. Getting the process innovation right (by doing it in parallel rather than in series) will create time for the magic of product innovation. There are 2 directions of innovation: Product innovation (Expensive and difficult) Process innovation (Cheaper and easier) … Read more


Follow the Viking principles – Tip12

Mario Pretorius quotes a Viking creed – “Do what is right and fear no-one” – to drive home his “principles of governing staff actions towards glory”. This philosophy is built into his 10 commandments for an unconventional, but workable, approach to business. GK What are the 10 or less PRINICPLES governing your staff actions towards … Read more

The right six words can open the door to new business – Tip 11

When selling your business concept, keep your thoughts succinct and your delivery brief – like a six-word speech in a one-floor elevator ride, says Mario Pretorius.GK   Can you sell your Firm’s reason for existence, goal, advantage in 6 words or less? This may sound difficult, but it’s a fair challenge. It’s the elevator speech … Read more

suprise entrepreneur Mario the unconventional CEO

Surprise! Surprise! Er, No Thanks – Tip 10

  Avoid surprises, both good and bad, by having a policy of always knowing what is coming in your business. Keep a Bad Surprise list and be aware that good surprises denote uninformed leadership, says Mario Pretorius in his latest tip to corporate management. GK Hate all surprises, even the good ones. Anticipate events, plan … Read more

Sustainable business Mario Entrepreneur

Sustainable business – The best form of business – Tip 9

Isn’t this obvious? Then remember Darwin, who postulated that each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, hence the most adapted survives best. The notion that ‘the most adapted survives the best’ is the hook on which Mario Pretorius hangs his message on the importance of business sustainability. Follow the laws of nature,” he advises.  The best … Read more

Escalating annuity income the way to go – Tip 8

Opportunities go begging in a world obsessed with price and image, says Marius Pretorius.  Annuity income of the automatically escalating kind is not only best but the ultimate – followed by self-funding.GK Selling ‘expert time’ is the most limited type of business. Making a product of the expertise sold is next best. Packaging it against … Read more

add_value Mario

Value-adds = attention = sales bliss….Tip 7

Value-adds is the most important and often most effective and cheapest way of getting the attention and turning it into sales bliss says Mario Pretorius. “Businesses without value adds are a “me-too and bound for the scrapheap of price wars,” he asserts.GK Always, always focus on improving your value-adds, which must have distinguishing, perceived value … Read more