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MARGIN comes first – Mario Pretorius Business Tip 4

“MARGIN is oxygen and sustenance – Protect it!” That’s the essence of the latest Mario Pretorius Tip. Margin, he says, absorbs mistakes; generates emergency cash; allows bargaining room. It is the lifeblood without which “bells toll and gravediggers gather” he warns. GK   Protect the margin first. Then boost the turnover. Margin is the buffer … Read more

Sell your product the way YOU want to buy it – Mario Pretorius Business Tip 3

Sell your product the way YOU want to buy it – Mario Pretorius Business Tip 3

“The best test for sustainable, ethical, no-nonsense business is to structure the offering…. in the way that you would want to buy it.” This, is the key message Marius Pretorius delivers in his third daily corporate management tip. The mind-set of the Organisation, he says is determined by the confidence it has in its offering. … Read more

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Knowing the WHAT and the HOW – Mario Pretorius Business Tip 2

The WHAT is the finishing line and the HOW is crossing it, says Mario Pretorius in the second of his daily tips to corporate management (extracted from the manuscript of his new book “The Unconventional CEO: Common sense outside of conventional Management thinking”). “So many ventures end up on the rocks of hard reality because … Read more

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How is your Business? Mario Pretorius – Tip 1

How is your business? It’s a question frequently asked – whether it be in the boardroom, in an investment forum, on the squash court, or over a dinner table. “HOW IS my business!” would be the reply of corporate strategist Mario Pretorius. It’s the HOW that drives the business model he says in this, his … Read more

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The Unconventional CEO – Mario Pretorius

Business management specialist and strategist Mario Pretorius, CEO of JSE-listed TeleMasters Holdings Ltd since 2007, has packaged his knowledge, experience and advice into a new book titled “The Unconventional CEO: Common sense outside of conventional Management thinking”. It features close to 100 pieces of easy-to-read wisdom on corporate leadership – based on Mario’s long academic … Read more

Family business

Family driven SMEs – the bedrock of every economy

My first trip to Thailand, over 20 years ago, woke up the closet entrepreneur in me. That ‘dealer, trader, buyer, seller culture’ which underpins the success of the country’s economy was visible in all directions as I walked down the street from my hotel. You could almost sniff it in the air. Part of every … Read more

Neftaly Malatjie

Inspirational: Young township entrepreneur who’s transformed 3 000 lives

Neftaly Malatjie was just 14 when his entrepreneurial flair kicked in. That was eight years ago when the teenager launched Diepsloot Youth Projects after cadging and fixing a bunch retreaded hand-me-down PCs. It’s  an initiative that has since grown to impact and enrich the lives of over 3 000 young people in one of the … Read more