Dreams do become reality; just watch Bolt dribble

Those who’ve followed Usain Bolt will know that running was not his only passion. He has a love for football and often expressed his dreams to play professionally.

A more affordable way to get an EU residency: Find out more next week

It just got more affordable to invest in Europe’s most sought-after residency-by-investment programme. For as little as €350,000, you can invest in Portugal, earning you a “Golden Visa” which entitles you and your family to EU residency.

An Australian visa for South Africans over 45

Many older South Africans are under the impression that there isn’t an Australian visa option for them. This is because the age limit for most Aussie visas sits at a strict 45.

What to do with your living annuity when you retire abroad

One of the classic dilemmas people who have retired abroad face is how to structure and manage their living annuities back home in South Africa. You cannot externalise a living annuity unless it is below a certain value.