Why buy Naspers when you can own SinoMedia?

Let’s not forget that the world is open to South African investors. Foreign exchange controls have been eased and it is now incredibly easy to invest in shares on other stock markets – through stockbrokers or online trading platforms that are increasingly widening access to exchanges around the world. In this piece, Victor von Reiche … Read more

US markets hit record highs despite bubble worries

US markets have been jittery over the last few weeks. Although major indices like the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average have been probing fresh highs all year, some investors have grown concerned about the run in technology and biotech shares. These concerns have, in recent weeks, caused a great deal of volatility … Read more

Add global equities to your portfolio to boost returns: expert

Boost your investment returns with a dollop of global equities in your share portfolio. That’s the message here from Francois van der Merwe, who heads macro research at Novare Investments. He has looked into his crystal ball and sees better prospects for stocks in developed markets than back home. This is partly because the South … Read more

Buy global equities, avoid bonds – multi-manager

Although the world is increasingly shifting towards passive investing, we still like to pick the brains of the experts – like Mike Browne of Seed Investments. In his latest blog, Mike explains why global equities look more appealing than bonds right now. Although equities have been performing well, they are offering better value than bonds, … Read more

Amazon.com revenues up 23%, but costs are rising fast

Amazon.com, the giant online retailer, has been trading at some really ridiculous price-to-earnings ratios – over 500 this year. The rating is due to the company’s rapid sales growth; investors believe that Amazon’s strong revenue growth will ultimately translate into high levels of profit, even though thus far the company has failed to deliver meaningful … Read more