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Finance expert: eight ways a new global crisis will hit by 2015

World Competitiveness Center Director says the global economy faces its greatest challenges since 2008. Arturo Bris, Professor of Finance at the top-ranked IMD business school and Director of the World Competitiveness Center, recently predicted that a crisis for the global economy is likely and that not enough action is being taken to avoid it. He said … Read more

Amazon – a cash-compounding machine that justifies its PE ratio?

Amazon’s stocks are an inimitable example of success, boasting an astronomical PE ratio in the triple digits, despite its reducing operating margin curve. The demand for Amazon’s shares and what seems to be an unprecedented price often inspire headlines that question the validity of its giant status, ‘Is Amazon stock a falling knife?’ and ‘Amazon: why the … Read more

Retailers swallow online food cost to lock in shoppers

Retail has become one of the most interesting spaces to watch in international stock markets thanks to the massive and complex changes that the advent of the internet is forcing on the industry. The online retail space remains dominated by, the US giant that has expanded aggressively into a number of foreign markets. However, … Read more