Value investing on the S&P500? It can be done

Earlier this year, Biznews’ Jackie Cameron talked about how South Africans can invest in Warren Buffett’s investment standby, the S&P 500. According to Buffett, who is a big believer in the long-term prospects of the US economy, a simple S&P 500 index tracker is all an investor needs for long-term prosperity. However, some of you … Read more

Tesla Motors expands search for U.S. battery factory – CEO

As you may know, I have a (not so) secret weakness for Tesla, the brainchild of South African-born entrepreneur Elon Musk. The company combines the excitement of new technology with sleek design and an innovative business model, and the stock has performed well, despite setbacks. As we’ve previously discussed, one of Tesla’s key weaknesses is … Read more

Carry trade, politics boost emerging markets equities

Emerging markets (EMs) have had a rough two years. They enjoyed a prolonged boom that only seemed to grow stronger in the wake of the 2007 financial crisis, as developed markets stagnated and investors seeking growth flocked into EMs. Then, with the tentative beginnings of rich world tapering, particularly in the US under the Fed, … Read more


Banking on America: Sizing up BAC – a Warren Buffett favourite

By Jackie Cameron With hundreds of thousands of shares available for investment, how do you choose? A good starting point for ideas is the portfolio of one of the world’s greatest investors – Warren Buffett, the octogenarian Sage of Omaha who has delivered healthy returns over decades. This is exactly what many collective investment scheme … Read more