Coke revenue misses estimates as soda sales slow

For the 120-odd years that the Coca-Cola Company has been around, the soda business has been a solid, profitable industry. Sugary drinks are delicious, refreshing, and (especially when mixed with caffeine) addictive – they sell themselves. But in the last few years, the soda biz has begun to experience adversity thanks to the global obesity … Read more

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Apple’s share buy-back plan will probably end in disappointment: investment analysis

From a South African perspective, it’s tempting to buy the shares of the world’s most exciting technology companies, with Apple (AAPL: Nasdaq) a prime example. The allure of its superior smartphones and market-leading tablets puts Apple right up there among the world’s stock market must-haves. And that’s before we consider that Apple is a very rich company. If … Read more

Do-it-yourself international share trading takes off in South Africa among the wealthy set

By Jackie Cameron The steadily weakening rand has had positive spin-offs for South African stockbrokers who facilitate trade in international securities. Business has been picking up fast as investors look for opportunities in other currencies and the world’s largest publicly listed global companies, stockbrokers tell And, online trading is increasingly on the radar of … Read more