Average salary: R400pm. Seven year old VW Polo: R260 000. That’s Cuba.

Cuba remains a gift to economic theorists. A living monument to the folly of a closed economic system built on the socialist fallacy that the State knows best. With a regulated average wage of under $40 a month, Cubans no possess no financial incentive to produce anything more than the minimum. So the country is … Read more

Apple ties up with China Mobile, potential to boost iPhone sales by over 25%

Tim Cook has achieved something his company’s founder Steve Jobs couldn’t get right. The company has tied up a deal with China Mobile which with 740m subscribers is comfortably the biggest cell phone business on earth. The new relationship has the potential to add more than 25% to Apple’s iPhone sales. It sells around 34m … Read more

Amazon vs Walmart: The battle to control the future of retailing

The face of retail is changing fast, and perhaps fastest of all in the United States, the birthplace of the internet and of e-tailing. Amazon has so far dominated the online retailing game, but low-cast retailer Walmart has decided that the time has come to get serious about online, and the stage is set for … Read more