Investing in education: SA value-style investor on ADvTECH, Curro and more.

 Value-style investors are known for picking up stock market gems when the investment herd is unsettled and looking away. It is worth listening to what they say, if you are on the hunt for stock market bargains. Wilhelm Hertzog of Regarding Capital Management, a value-oriented asset management company, shares his views on whether a range … Read more

MTN wants to put a bank in your pocket, and a small business

You often read stories about how new technologies mean that less-developed countries in Africa can “leapfrog” ahead, skipping over older generations of tech and embracing the latest stuff to create innovative new businesses and tools. Most of the time, however, you don’t really see this actually happening. But, listening to what MTN has to say … Read more

Transnet gets serious about infrastructure spending

With all the grumbling that goes on about South Africa’s creaky infrastructure, it’s refreshing to have some positive news on the topic for a change. Transnet has awarded R55bn-worth of contracts to get 1064 new locomotives onto South Africa’s railroads. This is actually really exciting. First of all, it underscores how serious Transnet is about … Read more

Rising gold prices – it’s the interest rates, stupid!

Nothing gets investors as riled up as gold – love it or hate it, everyone has an opinion about the yellow metal. Very often, the story you hear about gold in the media is news cycle driven. When there is some kind of important geopolitical event – say, the tension in the Ukraine – then … Read more

Clover beds down dairy success, and looks to the next big thing

Back in 2010 Clover, then newly listed and ready to expand, implemented a major capital expansion and repositioning strategy it called Cielo Blu. The idea, basically, was to fix up an inefficient supply chain by bringing its production facilities closer to suppliers in the Eastern Cape, and bringing those facilities up to date with the … Read more

Naspers China bet – paying off?

Naspers is by far the best-performing media company in South Africa, thanks in large part to its willingness to embrace technologies as they develop. Whether it’s satellite TV or the internet, Naspers is quick to spot the Next Big Thing, and to roll up its sleeves and get involved. However, even for Naspers, things aren’t … Read more

Why gold, platinum stocks are up; fresh look at Clover: Sasha Naryshkine

Bad news for some is inevitably good news for others. Anxiety is building about unsavoury political developments in Ukraine, with the risk of war reflecting in a rising gold price, as Biznews publisher Alec Hogg and market commentator Sasha Naryshkine (@SashaNaryshkine) of Vestact discuss on the CNBC Power Lunch. Meanwhile, bad news in South Africa’s platinum sector has … Read more

R1.5bn infrastructure investment bonanza for SA

I was reading some commentary on the South African manufacturing sector today, and came across something that said, roughly, that any positive impact the weak rand might have had on South African manufacturing is being offset by the drag on manufacturing created by the electricity shortage and other infrastructure bottlenecks. This really struck me – … Read more

ICT shakeup coming as regulator plans competition probe

Competition in the telecoms or ICT business is a huge issue around the world – in the United States, for example, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction with low levels of competition at the local and national levels, limited consumer choice, rising prices, and poor service. However, getting the right balance is tricky. Regulators … Read more