Malema headed for Parliament with nine cohorts as ANC tipped to lose ground in 2014 Election

 This was one of the more depressing interviews of a difficult news week. Frans Cronje of the Institute of Race Relations spends his life researching the socio-political environment. He shared his conclusions that the well named Economic Freedom Fighters (who fight economic freedom) are likely to establish a toehold in Parliament next year with around 3% … Read more

Crony Capitalism SA style – Reworked Empowerment Codes will entrench connected elite

Lobbyists can sometimes be their own worst enemies. The new BEE Codes suggest the politically connected elite may well have over-reached themselves. Instead of delivering the promised broadening of the Empowerment Base, what’s emerged is more slop for those with their snouts in the trough. This interview with attorney Safiyya Patel leads one to conclude … Read more

Wanted: Business Leaders with Balls. The only hope if SA to retain cowardly capital.

Emboldened perhaps by straight talking from the heads of Woolworths and BMW, Business Leadership’s Michael Spicer today added momentum to a more direct voice from organised business. For many years the diplomat, in this interview Spicer punched hard and hit the right notes when discussing the new BEE Codes and the failed “sweet-talking” approach. He … Read more

Taking Government to Constitutional Court – FMF’s first step in attacking SA’s crazy Labour Laws

Talking to Leon Louw today and then reading the transcript of today’s interview reminded me of a novice discovering he’s painted himself into a corner. For the ANC, the Tripartite Alliance seemed like a great idea in 1994. But two decades on, as the consequences of outdated ideologies of its unelected partners causes increasing economic pain, … Read more