Giant Altech project to bring broadband to Gauteng masses

One of the areas in which South Africa is definitely lagging is in the provision of broadband internet access. Encouragingly, however, it seems that government has recognised the problem and is trying to come up with ways to turn it around. The Gauteng government, for example, has just awarded a R1.2bn tender to Altech to … Read more

Welcome to Sunny South Africa, the land of Entrepreneurship – NOT

Once you cut through the noise, there are some indisputable facts about the economic world we now inhabit. Old style jobs are disappearing at the rate horses fell to the side when cars started to be manufactured en masse. Big businesses are shamelessly investing in technology to replace people. Economies are growing again, but not … Read more

First Moneyweb, now Google – why Naspers is challenging online rivals in court

There’s still a Wild West feel about South Africa’s online publishing sector. Having been involved in the field since its embryonic stage, I’ve watched opportunists prey on the ignorant since the days of the supposedly massive audience of virtual game reserve safari site Africam, which refreshed its pages every 20 seconds claiming each was a … Read more

Sunny skies ahead for SA airlines: expect more passengers, routes, low-cost carriers – industry leader

South Africa’s airline companies are preparing for growth. Passenger numbers are expected to increase by at least 2% and, tapping into this expected higher demand for flights, additional low-cost carriers have plans to take to the airways. That’s according to Chris Zwiegenthal, chief executive of the Airlines Association of Southern Africa, who tells CNBC Power … Read more

Mauritius Stock Exchange aims for growth, and possible link with the JSE

Mauritius is one of Africa’s great success stories, with a booming, diversified economy, solid and stable government, and exciting prospects. As a result of this economic success, the Mauritius Stock Exchange is increasingly attracting new listings and developing into a deep and liquid market. According to Senil Benimadhu, who is the Chief Executive of the … Read more

Would you take that job? A look at some CEOs taking on some ugly tasks

Change is in the air in some big South African boardrooms – Mano Moodley will be stepping up as CEO at Ellerines, replacing the outgoing Toni Fourie, and there will soon be a new face at the head of Sappi when Steve Binnie takes the helm from Ralph Boëttger in July. Watching these chaps step … Read more