Investing in a low-interest-rate environment

Interest rates are low, but rising. You don’t earn a real return on cash in the bank, bonds look expensive, or risky, and property valuations are similarly inflated. Equities offer the best bet for real returns, but there are risks to many industries as the economic cycle swings around and rates begin rising. Navigating all … Read more

Corruption and the state – stop passing the buck

Talking about corruption is tricky. Look at the interview below. When a government official is asked about the issue, he or she is quick to say that it takes two to tango and that the private sector is culpable. When a private sector corruption investigator is asked about the issue, he or she is quick … Read more

Adcock Ingram, Hulamin, Aspen and more: Expert analysis from David Shapiro

In order to succeed in the stock markets, you have to be able to assess how news will affect the various companies available for investment. Few are better at accurately analysing South African shares than David Shapiro, deputy chairman of Sasfin Securities. David is, I reckon, at his best when he is dissecting the Johannesburg … Read more

WhatsApp to offer free voice calls – how will that affect MTN, Vodacom?

Facebook’s decision to purchase text messaging service WhatsApp for $19bn has attracted a great deal of attention. While some have hailed it as a masterstroke, many are asking themselves what makes WhatsApp so valuable. As First Avenue’s Nadim Mohamed points out, the price of the deal puts the value of each WhatsApp user at $42, … Read more

SABC corruption scandal grows, but no punishment in sight

When one considers the full scale of the SABC corruption that the Public Prosecutor uncovered, it seems almost impossible that there will be no consequences for disgraced acting chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Yet, as Cynthia Schoeman of the Ethics Monitor points out, so far, nothing has been done despite extensive evidence documenting Motsoeneng’s malfeasance. … Read more


Africa is not for us – Calgro M3

Building residential housing for low-income people may not seem like a path to riches, but the folks at Calgro M3 seem to be doing OK. They recently announced a multi-million dollar deal to build low-cost housing in Namibia, and have seen their share price jump as a consequence. Interestingly, however, Calgro business development director Derek … Read more

Shoprite, Aveng, Naspers: RECM’s Jan van Niekerk takes stock

If you’re wondering whether it is a good time to buy shares like Shoprite and Aveng, which released results this week, or Naspers – which announced that CEO Koos Bekker was stepping away from the helm for a sabbatical – you can’t go wrong listening to the views of Jan van Niekerk. The Chief Executive … Read more

CAMAC CEO says media are wrong, no bankruptcy or corruption

If you read the news, you’ve probably heard about the alleged corruption and mismanagement at CAMAC Energy, which recently received a substantial investment from the PIC and is newly listed on the JSE. With revelations of CAMAC’s contributions to Zuma’s Education Fund, and the allegedly precarious financial state of CAMAC, the story has plenty of … Read more