Resuscitate Construction CODESA to stop rising bankruptcies – experts

In this deeply honest assessment of the SA construction sector, industry experts Liz O’Leary and Brian Africa expose the real reasons why the SA State has been unable to deliver on its infrastructure investment promises. It’s not just incompetence and a lack of capacity. Those charged with making the decisions of how to allocate tenders … Read more

What US policymakers can learn from other countries: new book

Aniket Shah, co-editor of the book ‘Learning from the World: New Ideas to Redevelop America’, is one of those clever people who try to help the world solve big problems. In this case, the problem is the US economy’s structural problems. Shah and his co-editor have decided to show the US what it can learn … Read more

SA: 10 years to decent infrastructure, 20 years to social change

  South Africans sometimes tend to the parochial, to a narrow view from the tip of Africa that fails to pace the country in its proper global context. That’s why interviews like this one, with US-based banker Bradley Ziff, are so interesting – Ziff puts South Africa in its place, that is, in its proper … Read more

SA business confidence: Still underwater but green-shoots of optimism

The continued battering the rand has received in recent months has dampened spirits as has a range of indicators that gauge business confidence. Sharing his views with Alec Hogg (publisher of Biznews) and Gugulethu Mfuphi on the CNBC Power Lunch on the state of the South African economy is RMB’s chief economist, Ettienne le Roux. Although … Read more

Parts of Europe, emerging markets offer great value

If you’re a South African, investing offshore probably looks a little daunting right now, with the rand plumbing the depths against the US dollar. However, offshore investments are still a crucial part of a balanced asset allocation – if you hold only South African assets your financial future is strongly tied to that of South … Read more

Big things on the horizon for Sasol as M&A activity ticks up

We’re at a point in the economic cycle where we’re seeing a lot more M&A activity. Stock prices have run hard, and in places like the US, valuations are so high that it’s hard for companies to resist the urge to use their pricey stock to buy up attractive businesses. This can be a mixed … Read more


Only 10% chance of more Eskom load shedding – Etzinger

I met Eskom GM Andrew Etzinger in unlikely surroundings. We were together in Secunda as part of the induction party for Sasol’s engineering recruits. Breaking bread and sharing a few hours in a far-away place can do wonders for relationships. Ours has developed in the years since. And despite tough spots he is often thrust … Read more

Barclays Africa takes innovative leap buying 49% of loans disruptor Rainfin

I’m quite close to the Rainfin story. In mid-2012, while still running Moneyweb, I met with Sean Emery and his partners to consider investing in his innovative peer-to-peer lending operation, the first of its kind in SA. As often happens with such ideas, the perceived risk was a little above the tolerance of our directorate. … Read more