Jeep Compass (Photo: Quickpic)

Driven: Jeep Compass shows its mettle

By Miles Downard * This is the new entry level Jeep, aimed at those more interested in the ‘Urban Jungle’ than the kind involving mud and flying insects. It’s also a great deal improved on the old one which really was a rather ropey example of an SUV. Only since Fiat took control of matters … Read more

Toyota Corolla (Photo: Quickpic)

Driven: Toyota Corolla fights back

By Nick Hodgson. It seems “epic” is the pet peeve word of the moment. It’s easy to see why as well with the word being bandied about with such abandon, being used to describe everything from what Kim Kardashian had for lunch to the England World Cup squad. Personally though, the word that really grinds my … Read more

F1: Conclusions from Austria

By Nick Hodgson. “Okay Lewis, its hammer-time”… A more prophetic and hilarious team radio call you’re unlikely to hear until Kimi Raikkonen’s race engineer starts a stand-up routine. In context it was clear that Peter Bonnington, Hamilton’s race engineer, was simply trying to give his man an extra push in the right direction for the race … Read more

JMPD (Photo: Quickpic)

Why should we respect traffic police?

By Nick Hodgson. Traffic laws exist for a reason. They help maintain law and order, prevent carnage and most importantly reduce deaths in what is unequivocally the most dangerous mode of transportation on the planet. South Africa has one of the worst road death statistics in the world. In fact in a survey conducted by … Read more