JMPD (Photo: Quickpic)

Why should we respect traffic police?

By Nick Hodgson. Traffic laws exist for a reason. They help maintain law and order, prevent carnage and most importantly reduce deaths in what is unequivocally the most dangerous mode of transportation on the planet. South Africa has one of the worst road death statistics in the world. In fact in a survey conducted by … Read more

Merc reveal the next-gen AMG V8 powerplant

By Miles Downard * AMG is the Mercedes-equivalent of the Hawks; a special ops unit with one goal – to transform normal Merc’s from the mundane into fire breathing, power hungry monsters that know no bounds in the quest for ultimate performance. AMG’s mantra has always been big capacity, naturally aspirated V8’s. And my, what … Read more

Audi stick it to Porsche at Le Mans

By Miles Downard * The 24 Hours of Le Mans ended yesterday, being Sunday 15 June, and if you only happened to see the result you might think it was much the same as last year; Audi one-two and all. However delving into the details shows that things weren’t quite so easy in 2014. Toyota … Read more

Formula 1: Conclusions from Canada

By Nick Hodgson. Maximum non-finisher “Don’t take out your team-mate.” It is unspoken-rule-number-one in any form of motorsport; but the massive tank-slapper Chilton had through turn 3 on the opening lap was only going to end one way, regardless of however late he thought Bianchi braked. You could almost hear the envious sighs of soap … Read more

McLaren P1

McLaren profitable in 2013, first time in its history

The headline may come as a surprise, but one must remember that McLaren Automotive is a company in its own right; separate from the illustrious motor-racing team. The Woking-based manufacturer has only been producing road-going vehicles for three years and are now boasting a move into the black. A quick run over the numbers; 1359 MP4-12Cs … Read more