Wall Street

WEBINAR: ‘Ponzi type returns’, global portfolio up 10% monthly

If you’ve been invested in the Biznews Global Share Portfolio, you’ll be looking back and patting yourself on the back. Alec walks us through the movements of our portfolio over this last month, on Standard Bank’s Webtrader app.

WEBINAR: Google and Amazon surprise

Alec Hogg and Simon Brown run through updates of the Biznews Global Share Portfolio, run through Webtrader, for a look at how Biznews shares are performing.

WEBINAR: Big story is oil

In the latest instalment of the Biznews.com Global Share Portfolio Webinar, Alec Hogg takes us through the performance and current position of the long-term portfolio. Breaking down the current position of the investment prospects, split between the likes of Google, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and IBM.