Demystifying the FSB’s position on OTC markets

The over the counter (OTC) trading environment has had an uncertain time of things lately. With the Financial Services Board (FSB) leaving the trading platforms, that mostly cater to BEE shares, in the proverbial lurch. The FSB is looking to have the status of the OTC platform changed to that of an exchange, which would … Read more

Legality of trading in BEE shares – FSB sticking to its guns

The Financial Services Board has set the cat among OTC pigeons with its recent directive that those operating a marketplace for trading in pretty much any securities whatsoever will have to register by early next year – or cease trading. This has significant implications for over three quarter of a million owners of BEE shares … Read more

18 questions – FSB elaborates on Directive regarding OTC operations

From the Financial Services Board: Proposed directive on companies that provide exchange infrastructures to facilitate trade in their own securities Questions and Answers 1. What is the extent of the application of the draft Directive? The draft Directive applies to all public companies that provide infrastructures conforming to the definition of an exchange where the … Read more

FSB’s edict that OTC trading of BEE shares is illegal: don’t panic – yet

Last week, senior investigator at the Financial Services Board, Erris van Kerken, told us all existing OTC market operators are trading illegally. That came as a surprise to Anthony Wilmot, founder of the country’s leading OTC platform Equity Express, so he accepted out invitation to visit the Biznews studio to provide some background. With more … Read more


SA’s over-the-counter BEE share markets are all trading illegally – FSB

Over the last few years there’s been a boom in over-the-counter (OTC) trading in South Africa thanks to the advent of broad-based black economic empowerment deals. Under the terms of many of these BBBEE deals, black individuals who purchased the shares are eligible to trade them with other black individuals, but, because the trade must … Read more


Big Action in the OTC Market this week: record prices, soaring volumes

The OTC Market was the place to be this week, with share prices hitting record highs, and trading volumes peaking. Etienne Nel, from Equity Express, the OTC trading platform speaks to us about the stocks making waves, the BEE Share Market, and where we could see profit-making opportunities in the market. It certainly seems that … Read more

Riaz Gardee

Thembeka Capital shoots the light out, doubles dividend

We had a chat with our BEE share specialist, Riaz Gardee about Thembeka Capital and their recent dividend doubling, potential future acquisitions and diversifications. Thembeka Capital currently trades on the OTC Market, with relatively low volumes given its small investor base, however considering its success and the exciting BEE Share market at the moment, we can hope … Read more

How Sanlam’s BEE deal made Patrice Motsepe another R8bn

Former President Thabo Mbeki was obsessed with creating Black business “role models”. Well and good. But instead of focusing on producing the kind of examples a developing country needs – bootstrapping, hard-working entrepreneurs who create jobs and build industries – he went for a quick fix. Whatever his intentions, Mbeki’s ideas encouraged Big Business to … Read more