MTN Zakhele muck-up continues. Needs two more weeks before trading. And PWC’s audit?

The MTN Zakhele reputational disaster took another turn today with its announcement its trading platform needs another  two weeks before it can attempt re-opening. And then only maybe. As the Press Release republished below notes, trading might resume on the 17th December. Maybe. If testing is successful. Over the past few days I’ve spoken to … Read more

MTN Zakhele’s aborted debut followed directors’ decision to engage foreigners who build forex, CFD – not equity – trading systems

Since 1 November, MTN Zakhele shareholders have been encouraged to register ahead of being able to start trading their shares last Monday. An aggressive media campaign was also launched in the run-up to the Big Day. On we ran a story about how the new BEE share listing was due to enjoy vibrant trading. … Read more