SA’s flourishing BEE share exchange considers branching into other parts of Africa

While the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is the sole provider of listed equity and bond trading platforms in South Africa, in the rapidly developing Over-The-Counter area, two businesses compete for relative crumbs. The better established of these is Singular Systems, which grew out of a software company that saw an opportunity in a trading arena where … Read more

BEE share schemes: Why we need more and why they’re good for SA

With evidence that South Africa’s  Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) share schemes have improved lives, it seems a pity that more companies have not followed the likes of Vodacom SA, Sasol and Naspers. That’s the message delivered in this insightful overview of South Africa’s empowerment landscape, by analyst Riaz Gardee, as over-the-counter trade in BEE shares … Read more

Craig Martin – Share tips

ALEC HOGG:   Well, let’s get a more in-depth view on how the market is trading today and for comment on what’s just gone down at that general meeting at Adcock Ingram, Craig Martin from is in our studio in Cape Town.  Craig, I hope you heard all of that. CRAIG MARTIN:  Yes, I managed … Read more

Pricing Vodacom’s YeboYethu: Gardee sizes up whether it is worth R50/share

Trading in YeboYethu kicked off this morning, with shares in Vodacom SA‘s Black Economic Empowerment security changing hands at around R50. Many YeboYethu shareholders will be wondering whether this is a good price – or whether they can get much more by holding out for longer. Unpacking the numbers for‘s community members is Riaz … Read more

YeboYethu shareholders can now trade – Vodacom

Excitement has been building among participants in Vodacom’s Black Economic Empowerment share scheme, YeboYethu. Shareholders have had to wait for five years before trading and, after delays, the over-the-counter platform has opened for trading (from 3 February). To give you an idea of  the interest in the share, one of most popular search terms on … Read more

BEE shares prices – at the close, Friday 17 Jan

Strong trading in the Imperial Holdings BEE scheme Ukhamba continued today with more than 80 deals concluded. The most recent new listing, Welkom Yizani, is also experiencing active two-way trade around the issue price of R10. Friday also saw a good trading day in Assupol Holdings with over R500 000 worth of shares changing hands.