Markus Jooste

Steinhoff’s drunk uncle: Distressed JD Group makes Jooste miss targets

By Craig Martin* It was one of those family occasions where my uncle, who had acted respectably for the full year, proceeded to relieve himself in the pot plant, fall backwards and hit his head so hard that he lost his sense of sight. This “drunk uncle” caused such shame to the family name that it … Read more

Pinnacle scandal: How CEO Arnold Fourie was protected against price plunge

  The plunge in the share price of tech company Pinnacle Holdings sparked considerable controversy. Primarily because the stock was popular among private investors who, unlike company insiders, were unaware of the allegations of bribe solicitation against business’s effective Number Two, 58 year old Tam Tshivhase (right). In this blog, Craig Martin of unpacks … Read more

Unpacking Naspers: Is ex-TenCent rump really money for jam?

A downside of my profession is occasionally having to engage with empty suits promoted beyond their competence. Fortunately, that’s more than compensated through encounters with smart people with much to contribute. This blog by Lionheart (obviously not his true name) falls very clearly into the second camp. It offers the benefit of his analysis of … Read more

Craig Martin – Share tips

ALEC HOGG:   Well, let’s get a more in-depth view on how the market is trading today and for comment on what’s just gone down at that general meeting at Adcock Ingram, Craig Martin from is in our studio in Cape Town.  Craig, I hope you heard all of that. CRAIG MARTIN:  Yes, I managed … Read more