South African university rankings slip

Following the fees must fall campaign, concerned parents started to make plans to send their children overseas to study. The ranking of South African universities has generally been on a steady decline since 2014.

5 ways small business owners can get more done

“Time is money” and as a business owner who can’t afford to waste time, it’s important to plan your days accordingly. Therefore, MiWay has put together 5 practical ways in which you can add hours to your day.

User’s Guide for SA expats – UK money matters sorted

For many expats moving to the UK, the devil is in the detail when it comes to settling in and setting up a home. Learning and understanding the nuances of a new country can take time and be frustrating, but can also be costly.

Politics, your wealth and your investments

Just how well is the political situation in South Africa shaping up to allow you to confidently grow, protect and preserve your wealth?