China accuses Alibaba of lax oversight of merchants

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has a “credibility crisis” fueled by a failure to crack down on shady merchants, counterfeit goods, bribery and misleading promotions using its online malls, the Chinese government said.

Currency turbulence: Apple changes Apps prices worldwide

As far more of a free-app connoisseur personally, the cost hiking of products in the App store, thankfully, wouldn’t affect this Apple-head too much. Far more interesting, though, is the reflection of the current state of international markets in their decision; Apple seem pretty sure that the American market won’t stop growing any time soon. Although the … Read more

Telkom still in talks with MTN to extend roaming agreement

Telkom SA, South Africa’s biggest landline provider, said on Wednesday that it remained in talks with telecommunications operator MTN to extend their roaming agreement to include the outsourcing of Telkom’s radio access network.