Labour law - unintended consequences

The unintended consequences of labour laws for the poor

This thought-provoking contribution came via e-mail from a BizNewz reader. It’s a very interesting piece, and a quick read to boot. Basically, this reader – a retired gent in his mid-sixties – considers the unintended consequences of measures intended to improve employment conditions. In particular, he thinks about the effect that minimum wages, unions, and central … Read more

Jackie Cameron

Making money in South African wine futures: what the country’s top wine makers say

Investing in fine wine before it is ready to leave the cellar has produced hefty returns for some, reigniting debate about whether South Africa should develop its own wine futures trading platform. We produce seriously good wine and wine-making is an expensive business with great cashflow challenges.  Structural issues and a shortage of intermediaries within … Read more

Who wants the highest investment returns? Probably not you

South African investors have shown they would rather avoid losing money than take the chances required to make the best returns. They have sheltered en masse in multi-asset class portfolios for the past three years. An investment in a lower-cost equity index tracker, meanwhile, would have won the investment race by a significant margin – … Read more

Reading on Borrowed Time

In this piece, a BizNewz reader and IT auditor ponders the role of books in the digital age. As an avid reader in his youth, he wants to believe that they still have a place, and laments that his busy schedule prevents him from spending as much time as he’d like reading. However, he concludes … Read more