Bernard Swanepoel: Incentives are the corporate equivalent of Vitamin C

Bernard Swanepoel is known for saying things that other executives won’t, and in this contribution he justifies that reputation by taking a swipe at that most beloved of executive remuneration tools – the bonus. For Bernard, monetary performance incentives are ultimately useless. Although executives and workers are (naturally enough) happy to receive them, they don’t … Read more

We all need treatment for ‘denial’ and ‘retirement savings insanity’, not least retirement industry itself

Without a major shake-up in the retirement savings industry, most of us – including big salary earners – face serious financial hardship. That’s the hard-hitting message from a man who has specialised in developing income-producing investments. Simon Pearse, CEO of Marriott, the Income Specialists, sets out the harsh realities faced by most South Africans who are … Read more

Labour law - unintended consequences

The unintended consequences of labour laws for the poor

This thought-provoking contribution came via e-mail from a BizNewz reader. It’s a very interesting piece, and a quick read to boot. Basically, this reader – a retired gent in his mid-sixties – considers the unintended consequences of measures intended to improve employment conditions. In particular, he thinks about the effect that minimum wages, unions, and central … Read more

Jackie Cameron

Making money in South African wine futures: what the country’s top wine makers say

Investing in fine wine before it is ready to leave the cellar has produced hefty returns for some, reigniting debate about whether South Africa should develop its own wine futures trading platform. We produce seriously good wine and wine-making is an expensive business with great cashflow challenges.  Structural issues and a shortage of intermediaries within … Read more