Managing change in your business: tips for live-or-die innovators and Golden Oldies alike

If you manage a business, you are inevitably managing change of some kind, emphasises Marita Fridjhon, a South African executive coaching specialist with an international mentor coaching practice. In this thought-provoking blog, she shares some ways of understanding different types of people, and organisations, with a view to understanding how you can manage this change … Read more

More JSE stocks are paying dividends – but at what price?

The pay-out ratio of companies listed on Johannesburg’s stock exchange has been rising steadily, with roughly half of company earnings being declared as dividends, notes investment expert Ian de Lange of Seed Investments. But he asks whether this is a good thing. After all, this could be an indication companies are finding fewer opportunities for business … Read more

OUTA’s fight against e-tolls reboots after court losses

The fight against e-tolling suffered a setback when the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance lost in the Supreme Court of Appeals and decided not to appeal that decision. But according to OUTA’s Wayne Duvenhage, the fight isn’t over. Instead, says Duvenhage, it will now shift to a citizens’ fight. Although OUTA has denied urging civil … Read more

Learn from Blackberry’s biggest mistake: beware of your business assumptions

Executive coach Dale Williams loves to play with words as a way to drive home important business lessons. Take “assume”. Do this in business and  you could make *an-ass-of-u-and-me*, he says in his latest blog published on Dale explains how making assumptions is the reason for many business failures. He offers up the cautionary … Read more

eTolls unpacked – watch this video before deciding whether to buy a tag

When Esorfranki CEO Bernie Krone left the CNBC Africa studio after his recent interview, he grumbled about civil disobedience to Gauteng’s tolling of the upgraded highways. Krone proudly told us that he has bought a bunch of e-tags for family members and urged us to follow suit. Part of his irritation came from hearing my … Read more

Pick ‘n Pay: Good or bad investment bet?

Thinking of investing in Pick ‘n Pay? Or unloading it from your share portfolio? Cor van Deventer of Seed Investments has put together this general primer for stock market investors who have their eye on this household name. Cor reckons that, with a new CEO at the helm, things should be looking up for the supermarket chain. However, … Read more